Biographies Of Film Directors MAY-REI

MAYO, Archie. B. New York City, 1898. Black hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 8 in. Wt. 14 st. 4 lb. Ed. New York public schools; Columbia University.

Spent his early career in musical shows touring through Australia and Europe as well as his own country. Film experience began when he obtained work as an extra. Then he became a gag-man and afterwards directed comedies for Stern Bros, and Christie. His first feature film was Quarantined Rivals (Gotham, 1927). He is known as one of Hollywood’s most versatile directors.

Also Directed : Johnny Get Your Hair Cut (M.G.M.), Money Talks (M.G.M.), Dearie (Warner), Slightly Used (Warner), College Widow (Warner), Beware of Married Men (Warner), Crimson City (Warner), Vengeance (Col), State Street Sadie (Warner), On Trial (Warner), My Man (Warner), Sonny Boy (Warner), The Sap (Warner), Is Everybody Happy ? (Warner), The Sacred Flame (Warner), Wide Open (Warner), Oh, Sailor Behave ! (Warner), Handful of Clouds (Warner), Courage (Warner), Illicit (Warner), Svengali (Warner), Bought (Warner), Under Eighteen (Warner), The Expert (Warner), Street of Women (Warner), Two Against the World (Warner), Night After Night (Para).

MELFORD, George. B. Rochester, N.Y. Ed. McGill University, N.Y.

Was an actor on the legitimate stage for seven years before turning his attention to motion pictures. Began with the Kalem Company as actor and, later, as director.

Directed : A Man’s Past (Univ),

Freedom of the Press (Fox), Lingerie (Tiffany), Sinners in Love (Radio), The Charlatan (Univ), Love in the Desert (Radio), The Woman I Love (Radio), The Poor Millionaire (Biltmore), The Viking (Williams), East of Borneo (Univ), Lost Men (Univ), The Boiling Point (Allied).

MENDES, Lotiiar. B. Berlin, Germany, May 19, 1894. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 7 in. Wt. 10 st.

Began his career under the tutorship of Max Reinhardt in Berlin and Vienna. Remained on the stage for a while, then joined U.F.A. in Berlin, as a director. Was there seen by Robert T. Kane, and taken to the United States to direct The Prince of Tempters (1926), for First National. One of his best known films is probably Four Feathers (Para, 1930). This film, based on the book by A. E. W. Mason, created a sensation when shown in London.

Also Directed : Convoy (F.N.), Night of Mystery (Para), Interference (Para), Dangerous Curves (Para), Illusion (Para), Marriage Playground (Para), Lost Ecstasy (Para), The Children (Para), Paramount on Parade (Para), Ladies Man (Para), Strangers in Love (Para), Payment Deferred (M.G.M.).

MENZIES, William Cameron. B. New-haven, Connecticut, July 29, 1896. Ed. in Scotland; at Yale College, U.S.A.

On leaving college joined the Students’ Art League in New York, but, before an opportunity of utilizing his talents came his way, America joined the war and he became an ensign in the American Navy. After the Armistice, obtained work with Famous Players as art director and followed this vocation until he was signed by Fox to direct pictures.

Directed : The Spider (Fox), Almost Married, co-directed with M. Varnel (Fox), Always Goodbye, co-directed with Kenneth McKennar (Fox).

MERCANTON, Louis. B. Switzerland, naturalized French. Ed. England. D. May, 1932.

A talented director who worked in England, France and America. Began his career on the stage in South Africa, later becoming stage manager for Sir Herbert Tree. One of his earliest works was Oueen Elizabeth (1911), a Znkor picture, with Sarah Bernhardt in the title role, while among his later productions are numbered These Charming People (Para-Brit, 1931), and A Man of Mayfair (Para-Brit, 1932).

During his long career he directed Constance Talmadge, Suzanne Grandi, Gaby Deslys, Fay Compton, Ivor Novello, Betty Balfour and Henri Garat.

Also Directed : Call of the Blood (Stoll), The Brat (Betty Balfour’s 1st talkie, Para-French), Cinders (Para-French), Mothers of France (Trench), Cherie (Para-French), II Est Channant (Para-Frcnch).

(MIL-NEW) Biographies of Film Directors

MILESTONE, Lewis. B. Chisinau, Russia, Sept. 30, 1895. Brown hair, blue eye. Ht. 5 ft. 7^ in. Wt. 12 st. 7 lb. "Ed. Belgium; University of Ghent.

Began his motion picture career as a film-cutter in 1918, and remained in that capacity for several years. Howard Hughes gave him the opportunity of becoming a director and placed him under a long-term contract. Scored one of his earliest successes with The Garden oj Eden (U.A., 1928), starring Corinne Griffith, being loaned to United Artists to produce that film. One of his most notable successes, however, was A ll Quiet on the Western Front (Univ, 1930), which was acclaimed in America the most popular film of the year.

Also Directed : Racket (Para), New York Nights (U.A.), Betrayal (Para), The Front Page (Col), Rain (Col).

MILTON, Robert. B. Dinaburgh, Russia. Red hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 7 in. Wt. 11 st. 11*lb. Ed. University of St. Petersburg.

Journeyed to America with his father soon after graduating from college. After learning English, turned his attention to the stage, of which he had already had some experience in Russia. His first post was with Richard Mansfield as stage manager. Continued his work on the stage in New York until the spring of 1928, when he began visiting other parts of America to produce plays and musical comedies. His first assignment in motion pictures came from Paramount, for whom he produced The Dummy (1929).

Also Directed : Charming Sinners (Para), Behind the Makeup (Para), Devotion (Rogers), Outward Bound (Warner), The Bargain (Para), Husband’s Holiday (Para), Sin Takes a Holiday (written by himself) (Pathe), Lady Refuses (Radio), Westward Passage (Radio).

MURNAU, F. W. B. Biedelfield, Germany, 1889. Ed. Heidelberg University.

D. as the result of a motor accident,


On graduating from college, where he had produced amateur plays, joined Max Reiphardt’s company, playing among other parts that of the Knight in The Miracle. War service with the German Air Force followred this, and after the Armistice, he turned his attention to motion pictures. Among his early productions in Germany was Dracula (Prana, 1922). Joined Fox in Hollywood, 1926.

Also Directed : Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

(German, early version), The Burning Acre (German), The Phantom (German-Bioskop), The Haunted Castle (German-Bioskop), The Expulsion (German Bio-skop), Fiancees of the Grand Duke (U.F.A.), Tartuffe (U.F.A.), Faust (U.F.A.), The Last Laugh (U.F.A.), Sunrise (Fox), Four Devils (Fox), City Girl (Fox), Tabu (Para).

MYERS, Zion. B. San Francisco, Cal., 1898. Red hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 12 st. 2 lb.

Began his motion picture career as scenarist and writer before being given the opportunity of directing shorts, with which he has been mostly associated since becoming a director.

Directed : The Big Dog House

(M.G.M.), So Quiet on the K-9 Front (M.G.M.), The Dogway Melody (M.G.M.), Who Killed Rover ? (M.G.M.), Love Tails of Morocco (M.G.M.), Trader Hound (M.G.M.), Co-Directed : Sidewalks of New York (M.G.M.).

NEILL, Roy William. B. Dublin, Ireland.

Ed. privately.

Following a theatrical career, which took him to London and many parts of America, entered motion pictures with Thomas Ince. Has since been with Famous Players, Hodkinson, First National, Realart, Paramount, United Artists, F.B.O., and Pathe.

Directed : Good References (F.N.), The Viking (M.G.M,), Lady Raffles (Col), The Arizona Wild Cat (Fox), San Francisco Nights (Gotham), Behind Closed Doors (Col), Wall Street (Col), Melody Man (Col), Cock 0’ the Walk (WAV.), fust Like Heaven (Tiffany), The Avenger (Col), Good Bad Girl (Col), Fifty Fathoms Deep (Col), The Menace (Col).

NELSON, Jack. B. Scranton, Pa., 1887.

Ed. Princeton University.

Began his career on the stage as actor and director in New York. Is author of several plays and books. Motion picture career began with Thomas Ince, as, author, star and director. Has since worked for Universal, Dominion Film Corporation, Federated Producers’ Service, Chadwick, First Division and F.B.O.

Directed : Two Gun Caballero (Cardinal).

NEWALL, Guy. Director and Actor.

(See Players' Biographies.)

Biographies of Film Directors (NIB-RAY)

NIBLO, Fred. B. York, Neb., Jan. 6.

Brown hair, brown eyes. Wt. 12 st.

12 lb. Ed. York, Neb. M. Enid


Began his career on the stage, first as actor, then as producer and director. Has since toured in most parts of the world. His motion picture career dates back to the last eight years, during which he produced some of the greatest successes shown in this country, including Ben Hur (M.G.M., 1926), which ran in London for nearly two years. In 1932 came to London and produced Two White Arms (Eric Hakim) and Diamond Cut Diamond (Eric Hakim). A dispute with the proprietors led to his abandoning the latter production when it was half finished.

Also Directed : Mark of Zorro (U.A.), Three Musketeers (U.A.), Blood and Sand (Para), The Temptress (M.G.M.), Camille (F.N.), The Mysterious Lady (M.G.M.), Two Lovers (U.A.), Redemption (M.G.M.), Dream of Love (M.G.M., talkie version),

I liny Out West (M.G.M.), The Big Gamble (Rogers).


Before entering the film world Pabst was connected with the theatre. His screen career began in 1923 when he directed Greta Garbo in The Joyless Street (Sofar, 1925). One of his greatest assets lies in his ability to discover some unexploited talent in the women who come under his direction. Two outstanding examples are Brigitte Helm in The Love of Jeanne Ney (U.F.A.) when she played the part of the blind girl, and Louise Brooks as Lulu in Pandora’s Box (Nero). He is also renowned for unusual lighting effects and camera angles. Possesses an unusually virile power of penetration into human mentality, and succeeds in his direction by psychological understanding. In collaboration with Freud he made Secrets of the Soul, while among his best known works is The Tragedy of the Mine, with Helena Manson, an actress discovered by himself. This film was shown in Great Britain, in 1932.

Also Directed : Westfront 1918,

Don’t Play With Love, Crisis, White PI ell of Pitz Pain (Sokol, co-directed with Dr. Arnold Fanck), Die Drei Groschen О per (A modern version of “ The Beggar’s Opera ”), Diary of a Lost Girl, L'Atlantidc (New version).

POLLARD, Harry. B. Republic City,

Ivan., Jan. 23, 1S83. Ed. Fresno,

Cal. M. Margarita Fischer.

Before the films claimed his attention

was a stage actor for ten years, playing leading parts on tour with stock companies. Broke into films as an actor, but later discovered that he had an aptitude for direction. Has since directed for Imperial, American, Goldwyn, National, World-Equitable and Universal.

Directed : The Leather Pushers Series (Univ), Cohens and Kellys (Univ), Poker Faces (Univ),Uncle Tom's Cabin (Univ), Show Boat (Univ), Shanghai Lady (Univ), To-nigkt at Twelve (Univ), Ropes (Univ), Undertow (Univ), The Prodigal (M.G.M.), Shipmates (M.G.M.), When a Fellow Needs a Friend (M.G.M.). Let’s Go (M.G.M.)

POWELL, Michael.

Owes his early opportunities to Rex Ingram by whom he was engaged, at Nice. Came to England as a camera man, later became assistant-director, and finally was given the opportunity of proving his directorial abilities in Tivo Crowded Hours (Film Engineering, 1931).

Also Directed : Rasp (Jackson), Caste (Rowson), My Friend the King (Film Engineering), C.O.D. (Jackson), Rynox (Jackson), Hotel Splendide (Jackson), His Lordship (Jackson), The Star Reporter (Fox-Brit).


Was for a time editor-in-chief of the Warner Bros.-First National cutting rooms at Teddington. Joined the film industry in 191S, and has had experience as property-man, actor, assistant-director, gag-man and cutter. Was at one time cutter and gag-man to Reginald Denny, whom he served for five years. Was sent to London by Jack Warner of First National in 1931.

Directed : High Society (W.B-F.N.), Lucky Ladies (W.B-F.N.), Going Straight (W.B-F.N.).

RAYMOND, Jack. B. Wimborne,


Made his appearance in motion pictures first as an actor, with the Hepworth Company (1910). Continued in front of the camera for some while, before becoming a director.

Directed : Second to None (Gau-Brit), Somehow Good (F.N.), Zero (Film Manufacturing), A Peep Behind the Scenes (B. & D.), Splinters (B. & D.), French Leave (D. & H. Cinemas), Speckled Band (Stoll), Tilly of Bloomsbury (Sterling), Mischief (B. & D.), Life Goes On

(Para-Brit), Looking on the Bright Side (A.R.P.), Say it with Music (B. & D.).

20 2

(REI-ROS) Biographies of Film Directors

REISNER, Charles. B. Minneapolis, Minn., 1887. Ed. Minneapolis. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. ix in. Wt. 13 st. 10 lb.

Like many other directors, began his career behind the footlights, and was thus engaged for ten years. Eventually attained starring parts in vaudeville. Is also an accomplished writer, and it was this ability which brought him first to the notice of motion picture companies. Was scenario writer for almost every well-known company in Hollywood. Specializes in comedy.

Co-Directed : A Dog’s Life (F.N.), The Kid (F.N.), The Pilgrim (F.N.), The Gold Rush (U.A.).

Directed : Man on the Box (Warner), Her Temporary Husband (F.N.), A Self Made Failure (F.N.), Oh What a Nurse ! (Warner), Missing Link (Warner), Better ’Ole (Warner), Fortune Hunter (U.A.), Steamboat Bill Jnr. (Para), Fools for Luck (Pathe), Noisy Neighbours (M.G.M.), China Bound (M.G.M.), Brotherly Love (M.G.M.), Hollywood of 1921 (M.G.M.), Chasing Rainbows

(M.G.M.), Caught Short (M.G.M.), Reducing (M.G.M.), Politics (M.G.M.), Love in the Rough (M.G.M.), Stepping Out (M.G.M.), Happy Landing (M.G.M.), Christmas Party (M-G.M.).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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