Biographies Of Film Directors RIC-STE

RICHARDSON, Frank Atwood. B. New York, 1892.

Began his screen career in 1915, coming to England in 1930. Has also directed in Germany.

Directed : Above Rubies (Pugh),

Flat No. 9 (Twickenham).

ROBERTS, Stephen. B. West Virginia, 1895.

Graduating from college, entered the United States Army; became an expert aviator during the war. Was at one time chosen as flying instructor. After the Armistice took up trick and exhibition flying, but an untimely accident at El Paso, Texas, obliged him to abandon a flying career. He turned his attention to motion pictures. Eventually became assistant-director to Bill Hart. Became a fully fledged director in 1922, with Educational, remaining with that company until 1931. Now with Paramount. Directed : Sky Bride (Para).

ROBERTSON, John S. B. Ontario, Canada, June 1878. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Ht, 6 ft. Ed. St. Thomas',

Ont.; Western University. M.

Josephine Lovett.

Was engaged on the stage from 1890 to 1915, when he decided to try the new

medium then being ridiculed by old stage professionals. Appeared in Vitagraph features for some time, before beginning to direct for Vitagraph. Is now a freelance director.

Directed : Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Para, silent version), Captain of the Guard, (Univ), Night Ride (Univ), Madonna of the Streets (Col), Beyond Victory (Pathe), Phantom of Paris (M.G.M), Little Orphan Annie (Radio).

ROGELL, Albert S. Director and Producer (See Biographies of Important Film Personalities.)

ROGERS, P. Maclean. B. Croydon, July 13, 1899. Brown hair. Ht. 6 ft. 2 in. Wt. 12 st. Ed. Masonic School, Bushey. M. Elsie Olive Rogers, June 27, 1925.

Owes his experience of films to Herbert Wilcox, of British & Dominion Film Corporation, with whom he has been engaged for the past three years. Began as publicity manager and film editor ; scenario-writing followed, and, having written the scripts for Rookery Nook, Mischief and Tons of Money, was assigned as director to Sidney Howard’s starring vehicle The Mayor’s Nest (B. & D., 1932).

Also Directed : Third Eye (Wilcox), After Eight (P.F.L.), Up for the Derby (B. & D.).

ROSEN, Phil. B. Russia, 1888. M. Joyzelle (dancer).

Started his motion picture career in 1912 with Edison, as camera-man, and was responsible for the photographing of Miracle Man. Later became a director for Universal, and has since worked for Hodkinson, Metro, Famous Players, M.G.M., F.B.O. (now Radio), Sterling Pictures, Chesterfield and Tiffany.

Directed : The Cancelled Debt (Sterling), Pretty Clothes (Sterling), Burning Up Broadway (Pathd), Marry the Girl (Sterling), A Million for Love (Sterling), Undressed (Sterling), The Apache (Col), The Faker (Col), The Peacock Fan (Chesterfield), Phantom of the House (Continental), The Rampant Age (Carr), Lotus Lady (Tec-Art), Fighting Through (Tiffany), The Single Sin (Tiffany), Worldly Goods (Darmour), Extravagance (Tiffany), Second Honeymoon (Col), Two Gun Man (Tiffany), Range Law (Tiffany), Texas Gun-Fighter (Tiffany), The Gay Buckaroo (Allied), Alias the Bad Man (Tiffany), The Arizona Terror (Tiffany), Whistlin’ Dan (Sono), Lena Rivers (Tiffany) A Man’s Land (Allied), Vanishing Frontier (Para), Branded Men (Univ).

ROSMER, Milton. Director and Actor. (See Players’ Biographies.)

Biographies of Film Directors (ROS-SGH)

ROSSON, Arthur. B. London, 1889.

As a youth was passionately fond of picturing himself as a jockey. The opportunity, however, did not present itself, and young Rosson was next heard of as a theatrical artiste. Has had a very varied and eventful career, working at different times as gold digger, film actor, stuntman and scenario writer. Eventually became a director in Hollywood, and has since worked for Alan Dwan, Triangle, Artcraft, Vitagraph, Universal, Goldwyn and Allied Pictures.

Directed : Mounted Stranger (Univ),

Trailing Trouble (Univ), Concentratin’ Kid (Univ), EbbTide (Рага-Brit), Women Who Play (Para-Brit).

RUBEN, J. Walter. B. New York

City, Aug., 1899.

Most film directors begin their career by experiencing work behind the footlights and Ruben is no exception to the rule. Went on the stage soon after graduating from Columbia University. Did not achieve great prominence as an actor, however, either on the legitimate stage or in vaudeville. Eventually turned his attention to motion pictures. Is now a director for Radio. His work proves that he has undoubtedly found the task for which he is best suited.

Directed : The Public Defender

(Radio), Roadhouse Murder (Radio), Secret Service (Radio), Mysteries of the French Police (Radio), Phantom of Creslwood (Radio), Alan and Wife (Radio).

RUGGLES, Wesley. B. Los Angeles,

1899. M. Arline Judge, Oct. 1931.

Has devoted the whole of his time to acting and directing ever since he left school. Has appeared in musical comedies, repertory, and in Keystone-Sennett Comedies. Was first introduced to the public as a director by Morosco and has since worked for Famous Players, Ince, Metro, Universal, Preferred and Excellent Pictures. Acclaimed one of the ten best directors of 1930-31. Directed Ronald Colman in Condemned (U.A. 1929).

Also Directed : Honey (Para), Sea Bat (M.G.M.), Cimarron (Radio), March of a Nation (Radio), Are These Our Children? (Radio), The Roar of the Dragon (Radio), Alonkey's Paw (Radio).

SAGAN, Leontine. B. Germany. Ed.

South Africa.

Although she had achieved fair success as an actress and producer of stage plays, it was not until her first film, Madchsn m

Uniform (U.F.A.), was released that she became world-renowned. Was signed by London Film Productions soon after the success of her German film to direct the film of English university life, Men of To-morrow (London Film Pro).

SANTELL, Alfred. B. San Francisco, 1896. Ed. San Francisco High School. Was intended as an architect, but had always been passionately fond of writing short stories, and this introduced him to the film world. Has also had a little experience before the camera, which, no doubt, has been invaluable to him as a director. During his career, has been scenarist, art-director and, finally, director.

Directed : The Patent Leather Kid

(F.N.), The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come (F.N.), The Wheel of Chance (F.N.), Orchids and Ermine (F.N.), Classified (F.N.), The Gorilla (F.N.), Show Girl (F.N.), This is Heaven (Fox), Twin Beds (Fox), Romance of the Rio Grande (Fox), Arizona Kid (Fox), Daddy Long Legs (Fox), Blonde Reporter (Fox), Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Fox), Polly of the Circus (M.G.M.), Tess of the Storm Country (Fox), Sea Wolf (Fox), Body and Soul (Fox), Sob Sister (Fox).

SAVILLE, Victor. B. Birmingham, Sept. 5, 1897.

First became associated with films on the business side, being engaged as renting manager for some time. In 1920 was given his first opportunity as a director by the Gaumont Company, and has scored one success after another; has a large following among cinema-goers in this Country.

Directed : Mademoiselle from Armen-tieres, со-directed (Gau-Brit). Hindle Wakes (co-directed with Elvey), Roses of Picardy, co-directed (Gau-Brit), Glad Eye, co-directed (Gau-Brit), The Arcadians (Gau-Brit), Tesha (Burlington), Kitty (Burlington), IVonian to Woman (Gains), A Warm Corner (Gains), Sport of Kings (Gains), “ W ” Plan (Burlington), Sunshine Susie (Gains), Hindle Wakes (Gau), Michael and Mary (Gains), The Faithful Heart (Gains), Love on Wheels (Gains), Good Companions (Gau-Brit).

SCHERTZINGER, Victor. B. Mahaway City, Pa., 1889. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 13 st. 7 lb. Ed, Philadelphia High School ; University of Brussels.

Began his career as a concert violinist, touring throughout Europe, several

(SGH-SEI) Biographies of Film Directors

years, later becoming orchestra leader of New York musical comedies. He is reputed to be the first man to write a musical score for pictures, having done this for Civilization (1916), a Thomas Ince production. This early association with films eventually led him to the position of director.

Directed : The Show Down (Bluebird), Forgotten Faces (Para), Redskin (Para), Nothing but the Truth (Para), Wheel of Life (Para), Fashions in Love (Para), Laughing Lady (Para), Paramount on Parade (Para), Safety in Numbers (Para), Heads Up (Para), The Woman Between (Radio), Friends and Lovers (Radio), Madame Julie (Radio).

SCHOEDSACK, Ernest. B. Council Bluffs, Iowa, June 8, 1893. Black hair, grey eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 5gin. Wt. 13 st. 81b.

Began his motion picture career as a camera-man in the old Sennett studios. Joined up during the war and on his return took part in a trip round the world. It was on this expedition that he met Meriam C. Cooper, who has since been his partner on numerous occasions. Together they have filmed Grass (Para, 1925), on the south-western coast of Arabia and Chang (Para, 1927), in Indo-China.

Also Directed : The Four Feathers

(Para), Rango (Para).

SCOTT, Ewing. B. Los Angeles, Cal. Ed. Los Angeles public school; University of California.

Joined the Vitagraph Company in 1920 as a cartoonist for animated pictures. Later worked in all departments of the industry, beginning with the position of prop-boy and later becoming assistant to F. W. Murnau, Raoul Walsh and Alexander Korda. Went to the Arctic with Murnau for Fox, and in 1932 wrote and directed his own production Lgloo for Universal.

SEASTROM, Victor. B. Varmland, Sweden, Sept. 21, 1879. Ed. Upsala University, Stockholm, Sweden.

Has been associated with the legitimate stage for eighteen years, first as stage director and later as owner of a theatre in Gothenberg, Sweden. Began his motion picture career as an actor for the Swedish Biograph Company in 1912. Remained as an actor for one month and then began directing. Has made pictures in France, England and Sweden. Joined Samuel Goldwyn in 1923 ; later became attached to the merged Metro-Goldwyn-

Mayer Company and has been with them ever since.

Directed : Scarlet Letter (M.G.M.),

Divine Woman (M.G.M.), Hell Ship (M.G.M.), Masks of the Devil (M.G.M.), The Wind (M.G.M.), Lady to Love (M.G.M.).

SEDGWICK, Edward. B. Galveston,

Texas, Nov. 1S92. Dark hair, blue

eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 17 st. 13 lb. Ed.

St. Mary’s University, Texas.

Began his career on the legitimate stage as an actor and pursued that vocation for many years, until the opportunity occurred to become a motion picture director.

Directed : The Thirteenth Bride (Univ), Tin Hats (M.G.M.), The Live Wires (F.N.), Chasing the Moon (Fox), Do and Dare (Univ), Broadway or Bust (Univ), The Thrill Chasers (Univ), Lorraine of the Lions (Univ), The Flaming Frontier (Univ), Slide, Kelly, Slide (M.G.M.), Spring Fever (M.G.M.), The Camera Man (M.G.M.), Spite Marriage (M.G.M.), Free and Easy (M.G.M.), Forward March (M.G.M.), Romeo in Pyjamas (M.G.M.), Passionate Plumber (M.G.M.), Maker of Men (Col), A Dangerous Affair (Col), Speak Easily (M.G.M.).

SEILER, Lewis. B. New York City.

Since the beginning of his career in motion pictures has been assistant-director, gag-man, and director. Specializes principally in comedies and Wild West films. Was with Fox for some years. Now free-lancing.

Directed : Divine Love (Foy), Cauliflower Alley (Col).

SEITER, William. B. New York City,

1892. Black hair, hazel eyes. Ht.

6 ft. 1 in. Wt. 13 st. 13 lb. Ed.

Hudson River Military Academy.

M. Laura La Plante, Nov. 1926.

Began his career as artist and writer but joined the motion picture industry in its early days, first with the Selig Company and later with Reliance. Is reputed to be Hollywood’s best golfer; also a splendid tennis player and horseman.

Directed : Happiness Ahead (F.N.), Synthetic Sin (F.N.), Why Be Good? (F.N.), Water Front (F.N.), Outcast (F.N.), Prisoners (F.N.), Thanks for the Buggy Ride (Univ), Good Morning Judge (Univ), The Aviator, French version, (Warner), Smiling Irish Eyes (F.N.), Footlights and Fools (F.N.), Love Racket (F.N.), Back Pay (F.N.), Flirting Widow (F.N.), Strictly Modern (F.N.), Going Wild (F.N.),

Biographies of Film Directors (SEI-STE)

Sunny (F.N.), Caught Plastered (Radio), Toast of the Legion (F.N.), Girl Crazy (Radio), Young Bride (Radio), Old Great-heart (Radio), Peach 0' Reno (Radio), Is My Face Red? (Radio), Hot Saturday f( Para).

(SEITZ, George В. B. Boston, Mass. Jan. 3, 1S88. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Wt. 10 st. 5 lb. Ed. Friends’ Central School, Philadelphia; Art School, Boston.

At first sought to make a career for himself as a playwright but receiving little encouragement, turned to acting. Entered motion pictures with the Pathe Company in 1914 for whom he wrote, produced, acted and directed. First became known to cinema-goers for his direction of Pearl White serials (Pathe). Has since worked for Paramount, Universal, Metropolitan, F.B.O. (now Radio), Columbia and Fox.

Directed : The Blood Ship (Col),

Vanishing American (Para), Desert Gold (Para), Pals in Paradise (Pathd), Jim the Conqueror (Pathe), Great flail Robbery (Radio), The Warning (Col), Isle of Forgotten Women (Col), After the Storm (Col), Ransom (Col), Beware of Blondes (Col),' Circus Kid (Radio), Court Martial (Col), Blockade (Radio), Hey, Rube (Radio), Black Magic (Fox), Murder on the Roof (Col), The Record Run (Radio), Guilty (Col), Midnight Mystery (Radio), Shanghaied Love (Col), Virtuous Wife (Col), Sally of the Subway (Allied), Sin’s Pay Day (Mayfair), Passport to Paradise (Like), Docks of San Francisco (Like), Young Blood (Like), Widow in Scarlet (Mayfair), Reckless Romance (Col).

«SELWYN, Edgar. B. Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 12, 1875. Black hair, brown

eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Ed. Toronto, Canada.

Began his career on the stage and had toured England and America extensively, before entering into motion pictures, accompanied by his brother, in 1912, with the All-Star Feature Films company. Has since written, produced and directed for M.G.M.

•Directed: War Nurse (M.G.M.),

Lullaby (M.G.M.), Men Call it Love (M.G.M.), Skyscraper Souls (M.G.M.).

SHERMAN, Lowell. Director and Actor. (See Players’ Biographies.)

SLOANE, Paul. B. New York City, April 16, 1893. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Wt. 11 st. 1 lb. Ed. Townsend Harris High School ; New

York University. M. Lillian Braxton.

From 1914 to 1925 was engaged in the motion picture industry as writer. In 1925 was given his first directorial opportunity by Paramount, for whom he directed Richard Dix in his first four starring pictures.

Directed : Hearts in Dixie (Fox),

The Cuckoos (Radio), Half Shot at Sunrise (Radio), Travelling Husbands (Radio), Married in Haste (Radio), Lost Squadron (Radio), War Correspondent (Col).

SLOMAN, Edward. B. London, 1S87.

Ed. London. M. Hylda Hallis.

Began his career first as an actor and later turned to directing.

Directed : His People (Univ), We

Americans (Univ), Surrender (Univ), The Girl on the Barge (Univ), The Foreign Legion (Univ), The Lost Zeppelin (Tiffany), Kibitzer (Para), Puttin’ on the Ritz (U.A.), The Beautiful Cheat (Univ), Old Soak (Univ), Butterflies in the Rain (Univ), Alias the Deacon (Univ), Soldiers and Women (Col), Hell's Island (Col), Murder bv the Clock (Para), Caught (Para), His Woman (Para), Wayward (Para).

STAHL, Johm. B. New York City,

Jan. 21, 1886. Grey hair, grey eyes.

Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Ed. New York City.

Following fourteen years on the legitimate stage, at the conclusion of which he had obtained leading parts, he entered motion pictures as a director for an independent company in New York. Was for a time vice-president in charge of production for Tiffany-Stahl. One of his most outstanding productions is Seed (Univ), in which he directed John Boles and Genevieve Tobin.

Also Directed : Wivesof Men (Pioneer). The Child Thou Gavesi Me (F.N.). Darxgerons Age (F.N.), Why Men Leave Home (F.N.), Husbands and Lovers (F.N.), The Great Galialo (Univ), Memory Lam (F.N.), The Gay Deceiver (M.G.M.). In Old Kentucky (M.G.M.), A Lady Surrenders (Univ), Strictly Dishonourable (Univ), Back Street (Univ).

STEIN, Paul. B. Vienna, Austria, Feb. 1,

1892. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht.

5 ft. 10I in. Ed. Vienna and Berlin.

M. Olga Schroeder Devrient.

Was for many years an actor in Berlin ; later became stage director in Vienna, and went to U.F.A. as a film director, where he remained for eight years. Has since worked for Warner Bros., Cecil B. de Mille and Pathe. Came to London in 1Q32 to direct Lily Christine (Para-Brit).

(STO-TAY) Biographies of Film Directors

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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