Biographies Of Film Directors STO-WEL

STOLOFF, Ben. B. Philadelphia, Pa. 1895. Brown hair, grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 8 in. Ed. University of S. California.

Made his motion picture debut with companies producing shorts. Later, joining Fox, he directed several series of short-reel comedies. Made his first full-length feature for Fox in 1926.

Directed : The Gay Retreat (Fox),

Silver Valley (Fox), Horseman of the Plains (Fox), Plastered in Paris (Fox), Girl from Havana (Fox), Protection (Fox), Speakeasy (Fox), Happy Days (Fox), Movietone Follies of 1930 (Fox), Soup to Nuts (Fox), Not Exactly Gentlemen (Fox), Destry Rides Again (Univ), By Whose Hand? (Col).

STRAYER, Frank. B. Altoona, Pa., Sept. 21, 1891. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. io£ in. Wt. 10 st. Ed. Wilk-insburg High School ; Carnegie Technical College, Pittsburg. M. Erma P. Rogers.

Following service in the American Navy during the war, joined Metro as assistant-director, and later was given similar posts by Columbia and Paramount. Became a director for the first time with Fox in 1930. Is now a free-lance.

Directed : Enemy of Men (Col),

Stepping Out (Col), Fate of a Flirt (Col), Lure of The Wild (Col), Bachelor’s Baby (Col), Sweet Rose O'Grady (Col), Pleasure Before Business (Col), When the Wife’s Away (Col), The Fall of Eve (Col), Acquitted (Col), Behind Stone Walls (Action), The Samaritan (Univ), Love Redeemed (Univ), The Monster Walks (Mayfair), Love in High Gear (Like), Denny of the Railroad (Like), The Gorilla Ship (Like).

SUMMERS, Walter. B. Barnstaple.

Has been on the stage since childhood and in 1913 joined the old London Film Company. During the war attained the rank of captain and was awarded ‘ the D.C.M. and M.C. Went to the Hepworth Company as scenarist in 1918. Is now a B.I.P. director.

Directed : A Couple of Down-and-Outs (Napoleon), Ypres (New Era), Mons (New Era), Zeebrugge (New Era), Battles of Coronel and Falklauds (New Era),

Suspense (B.I.P.), Lost Patrol (B.I.F.), The Flying Fool (B.I.P.), The House Opposite (B.I.P.), Men Like These (B.I.P.), High Speed (B.I.P.), Timbuctoo (B.I.P.), No. 17 (B.I.P.).

SUTHERLAND, Edward. B. London, Jan. 5, 1895. Ed. Paris and America. Stage experience in vaudeville, repertory and musical comedy. Appeared in the stage version of So Long, Letty. Began his motion picture career as an actor in a Helen Holmes serial. He was next seen as a Keystone comedian, then as juvenile lead. Finally, he joined Charlie Chaplin’s directorial staff. Has since worked with almost every prominent Hollywood company. His first film as a director was Cornin’ Through (Warner,


Also Directed : Fireman, Save My Child (Para, silent), We’re in the Navy Now (Para), Behind the Front (Para), Fast Company (Para), Pointed, Heels (Para), Old Army Game, Love’s Greatest Mistake (Para), Figures Don’t Lie (Para), Tillie’s Punctured Romance (Para), Baby Cyclone (M.G.M.), Number Please, Close Harmony, co-directed (Para), Dance of Life, co-directed (Para), The Social Lion (Para), Saturday Night Kid (Para), Sap from Syracuse (Para), On the Spot (Para), Burning Up (Para), Sky Devils (U.A.), Palmy Days (U.A.), Mr. Robinson Crusoe (Radio).

TAUROG, Norman. B. Chicago, 111., Feb. 23, 1899. Ed. New York City. Gained his first experience of acting on the legitimate stage and later before the camera. Entered pictures, 1913, and made his name as a director with Larry Semon comedies (Vitagrapli). Has since worked for Universal, Fox, Tiffany and Paramount.

Directed : Troopers Three (Tiffany),

Hot Curves (Tiffany), Sunny Skies (Tiffany), Follow the Leader (Para), Finn and Hattie (Para), Skippy (Para), Sooky (Para), Forbidden Adventure (Para!), Huckleberry Finn (Para), Hold ’Em Jail (Radio), Phantom President (Para), The Ghetto (Tiffany), The Farmer’s Daughter (Fox), The Diplomats (Fox), Luff.y Boy (Tiffany).

TAYLOR, Sam. B. New York City, Aug. 13, 1S95. Ed. Fordham


Is one of the few directors in Hollywood to have gone straight from college into the motion picture business. Was

Biographies of Film Directors (THI-VAN) 267

at first employed as a scenarist. Gained his first experience as a director with Girl Shy (Pathe, 1924) starring Harold Lloyd.

Also Directed : Tempest (U.A.), Fresh man (Pathe), The Woman Disputed (U.A.), My Best Girl (U.A.), Coquette (U.A.), Exit Smiling (M.G.M.), Taming of the Shrew (U.A.), Du Barry, Woman of Passion (U.A.), Kiki (U.A.), Skyline (Fox), Ambassador Bill (Fox), Devil’s Lottery (Fox).

THIELE, William. B. Vienna, May 10,


Attained his success as a director in Berlin, one of his greatest hits there being Lilian Harvey’s starring vehicle, Two Hearts that Beat as One (U.F.A.). Also directed The Road to Paradise. Came to London, 1932, to direct hlarry Me (Gains) with Renate Muller, of which he had done the German version.

Also Directed : Love Waltz (U.F.A.), The Private Secretary (U.F.A.).

THORPE, Richard. Real name, Rollo

Smolt Thorpe. B. Hutchinson, Kan.,

Feb. 14, 1896. Black hair, hazel eyes.

Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 12 st. 10 lb. *Ed.

Wichita High School. M. Belva


First became popular in America as a theatrical artiste in vaudeville, repertory and musical comedy. Made his debut as a motion picture actor in 1921, and two years later moved to the back of the camera and has been a director ever since.

Directed : College Days (Tiffany),

Their First Night (Tiffanj'), Josselyn’s Wife (Tiffany), The Vanishing West (Mascot), King of Kongo (Mascot), Fatal Warning (Mascot), Vultures of the Sea (Mascot), The Bachelor Girl (Col), The Feminine Touch (Col), The Dude Wrangler (Sono Art), Under Montana Skies (Tiffany), Border Romance (Tiffany), Flying Buckaroo (Pathe), Desert of the Lost (Pathe), Saddle Mates (Pathe), Valley of Hunted Men (Pathe), Desperate Courage (Path<§), Forgotten Women (Monogram), The Murdock Affair (Chesterfield), Wings of Adventure (Tiffany), Thoroughbred (Tiffany), Utah Kid (Tiffany), Wild Horse (Allied), Lady From Nowhere (Chesterfield), Lawless Woman (Chesterfield), Second Chances (Chesterfield), The Death Ray (Big Four), Dream Mother (Chesterfield), Forbidden Company (Chesterfield), Beauty Parlour (Chesterfield), Thrill of Youth (Chesterfield), Slightly Married (Invincible), Sky Spider (Action), Neck and Neck (W.W.), Grief Street (Chesterfield), The Devil

Plays (Chesterfield), Murder at Dawn (Big Four).

TUTTLE, Frank. B. New York City.

Dark brown hair, brown eyes.

Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 12 st. 2 lb. Ed. New

York ; Yale University. M. Frederica


Was at one time President of the Yale Dramatic Society and thus gained his first experience of theatricals. His screen career began as continuity writer for Paramount. After a while organized the Film Guild and directed five pictures. Returned to Paramount, this time as director.

Directed : A Kiss in the Dark (Para), Miss Bluebeard (Para), Dangerous Money (Para), The Manicure Girl (Para), The Lucky Devil (Para), Lovers In Quarantine (Para), The American Venus (Para), The Untamed Lady (Para), Kid Boots (Para), Love ’Em and Leave 'Em (Para), Blind Alleys (Para), Time To Love (Para), One Woman to Another (Para), The Spotlight (Para), Love and Learn (Para), Something Always Happens (Para), ‘Varsity (Para), His Private Life (Para), ilIarquise Preferred (Para), Studio Murder Mystery (Para), The Greene Murder Case (Para), Sweetie (Para), Only the Brave (Para), Benson Murder Case (Para), Men Are Like That (Para), Paramount on Parade (Para), True to. the Navy (Para). Her Wedding Night (Para), No Limit (Para), This Reckless Age (Para), Love Among the Millionaires (Para), It Pays to Advertise (Para), Dude Ranch (Para), This is the Night (Para), Big Broadcast (Para).

VAN BUREN, A. II. B. New Jersey.

Ed. Connecticut schools.

After long association with the stage was given the responsibility of directing the film version of Aloma of the South Seas (Para, 1926). One of his outstanding successes was The Trial of Mary Dugan (M.G.M., 1929). Is now under long-term contract to Universal.

Directed : Crime, Small Time, Little Spitfire, Fast Life (F.N.), Some Day, Prince of Diamonds (Col).

VAN DYKE, W. S. B. San Diego, Cal.,

1899. Ed. Seattle.

Following twenty-five years experience of the theatre, during which he had played in vaudeville, repertory' and touring companies, he entered the motion picture business as director to Fathe. Was

(VID-VON) Biographies of Film Directors

D. W. Griffith’s assistant for Intolerance (U.A., 1916). Has since worked for almost every well-known producing company in Hollywood. Will be remembered by this generation for his magnificent direction in the heart of Africa of Trader Horn (M.G.M., 1931). Is now under contract to M.G.M.

Also Directed : Gentle Cyclone (Fox). War Paint (M.G.M.), California (M.G.M.), Winners of the Wilderness (M.G.M.), Spoilers of the West (M.G.M.), Wyoming (M.G.M.), Eyes of the Totem (M.G.M.), Under the Black Eagle (M.G.M.), Heart of the Yukon (M.G.M.), White Shadows in the South Seas (M.G.M.), The Pagan (M.G.M.), Never the Twain Shall Meet (M.G.M.), Tarzan the Ape Man (M.G.M.), Guilty Hands (M.G.M.), Cuban Love Song (M.G.M.), Justice For Sale (M.G.M.).

VIDOR, King Wallis. B. Galveston, Texas, Feb. 8, 1895. Black hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. n£ in. Wt. 13 st. 7 lb. Ed. private school at Galveston, San Antonio; Peacock Military Academy, Texas. M. Eleanor Board-man.

In the early days of motion pictures wrote a film story, sold it to a small company, acted the principal role, as well as directing it. Realized he knew little or nothing about motion pictures and decided to learn his business from the beginning. The positions of studio carpenter, property-man, and camera-man soon followed, and in time he again handled the director’s megaphone. The Crowd (M.G.M., 1929) is one of his outstanding successes, but he earned worldwide fame for his handling of Street Scene (Col., 1932).

Also Directed : Better Times (Brentwood Mutual), Turn of the Road (Vita), Three Wise Fools (Goldwyn), Peg O' My Heart (Metro), Sky Pilot (F.N.), Wild Oranges (M.G.), La Boheme (M.G.M.), Bardelys the Magnificent (M.G.M.), The Big Parade (M.G.M.), The Patsy (M.G.M.), The Crowd (M.G.M.), Hallelujah (M.G.M.), Show People (M.G.M.), Billy the Kid (M.G.M.), Not So Dumb (M.G.M.), The Champ (M.G.M.), Bird of Paradise (Radio), I Have Been Faithful (U.A.).

VON STERNBERG, Joseph. B. Vienna. Black hair, grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Wt. 10 st. 5 lb. M. Riza Royce.

Was taken to America by his parents when seven years of age and, after completing his schooling, tried almost every known occupation in film production. Gained his first opportunity as director

by directing The Salvation Hunters (U.A., 1925) on his own initiative.

While he and G. K. Arthur, the leading man, were engaged on this, the greatest adventure of their lives, Hollywood was not a little amused, but when it was released, it had to be admitted by the most experienced that Sternberg had in him a touch of genius. Has often been acclaimed one of the ten most popular directors in America. In 1930 directed The Blue Angel for U.F.A. in Berlin. This was the film which made Marlene Dietrich a world-renowned star. Has directed this same star in every picture she has produced in America.

Also Directed : Last Command (Para), Underworld (Para), Drag Net (Para), Docks of New York (Para), Case of Lena Smith (Para), Thunderbolt (Para), Madame Nobody (Para), American Tragedy (Para, not shown in Britain), Morocco (Рага.), Dishonoured (Para), Shanghai Express (Para), Blonde Venus (Para).

VON STROHEIM, Erich. Real name, Count Erich Oswald Hans Carl Marie Stroheim von Nordenwald. B. Vienna, Austria, Sept. 22, 1885. Brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 7 in. Ed. Austrian Military Academy.

At one time an officer in the army of Franz Josef of Austria. Went to New York, where he worked alternately as dish-washer, ostler, gardener, newspaper man and magazine writer. Screen debut as the Pharisee in Griffith’s Intolerance (U.A., 1916). Learnt his early cinema from Griffith. His first great achievement did not come until he directed and acted in Blind Husbands (Univ, 1919), the stage version of which he had previously written. He also assisted in the direction of various Pickford and Fair-bank pictures. One of his finest productions -was Greed (M.G.M., 1923), in which he directed Zasu Pitts in her greatest role. Selected one of the best ten directors in 1926. Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Also Directed : Foolish Wives (Univ), Merry-Go-Round (Univ, left unfinished by Von Stroheim), Merry Widow (M.G.), Wedding March (Para), Blind Husbands (Univ).

Also Played in : Foolish Wives

(Univ), Blind Husbands (Univ, talkie version), Wedding March (Para, silent and talkie versions), Great Gabbo (WAV.), Three Faces East (Warner), Friends and Lovers (Radio), Lost Squadron (Radio), As You Desire Me (M.G.M.), Walking Down Broadway (Fox).

Biograpnies of Film Directors (WAL-WEL)

WALKER, Norman. B. Bolton, Lancs, 1892.

Made his theatrical debut in Manchester. Joined up during the war and attained the rank of captain. Made his film debut in 1920 as assistant director, and continued this career till he became a name in the film world. Is now under contract to B.I.P. as one of their leading directors.

Directed : Tommy Atkins (B.I.P.),

Widdecombe Fair (B.I.P.), The Spanish Dandy, Romance of Seville (F.N.), Melody of Fate, Hate Ship (B.I.P.), Loose Ends (B.I.P.), The Middle Watch (B.I.P.), Uneasy Virtue (B.I.P.), Mr. Bill the Conqueror (B.I.P.), Fires of Fate (B.I.P.), The Shadow Between (B.I.P.).

WALLACE, Richard. B. Sacramento, Cal. Brown hair, blue eyes, Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 12 st. 2 lb. Ed. Sacramento High School; Rush Medical College, Chicago.

Intended becoming a surgeon, but Fate compelled him to leave school and obtain work. Began his motion picture career an assistant cutter. Since then has worked in every branch of studio activity except as an actor. He confesses to an intense dislike of directing, and yet it is a recognized fact in Hollywood that he is one of the most commercially successful directors in America.

Directed : McFadden’s Flats (F.N.), The Texas Steer (Univ), Man Must Fight (Para), The Shopworn Angel (Para), Innocents of Paris (Para), Anybody’s War (Para), Seven Days’ Leave (Para), Right to Love (Para), Man of the World (Para), Kick-in (Para), Road to Reno (Para), To-morrow and To-morrow (Para), Thunder Below (Para).

WALSH, Raoul. B. New York City, March 11, 1892. Black hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11¾ in. Wt. 13 st. 3 lb. Ed. Seton Hall University, New York City. M. Lorraine Walker.

Following a two-years' tour of Europe after graduating from college, began studying play writing under the late Paul Armstrong. Was seen on the stage for a brief period after this and eventually became a motion picture actor in 1912 with the old Biograph Company. Was featured by D. W. Griffith in The Birth of a Nation (U.A., 1915). Has since directed over one hundred films. It is unlikely that he will be seen on the screen again as he was deprived of the sight of one eye by an unfortunate car accident in 1928.

Directed : Kindred of the Dust (F.N.), Thief of Bagdad (Douglas Fairbanks Co.), East of Suez (Para), The Wanderer (Para), The Lady of the Harem (Para), Sadie Thompson (U.A.), What Price Glory ? (Fox), The Cock-Eyed World (Fox), Loves of Carmen (Fox), The Red Dance (Fox), The Rian Who Came Back (Fox), Women of all Nations (Fox), Me, Gangster (Fox), In Old Arizona (Fox), The Big Trail (Fox), Seas Beneath (Fox), Yellow Passport (Fox), Pier 113 (Fox). •

WEBB, Millard. B. Clay City, Ky., Dec. 6, 1893. Ed. Nevada School of Mining and Engineering. М. Mary Eaton.

Following brief stage experience made his motion picture debut with D. W. Griffith as a crowd player. His ability as a writer eventually brought him the opportunity of becoming a director. Came to England in 1931 to direct The Happy Ending for Gaumont-British.

Also Directed :The Sea Beast (Warner), Gentlemen of the Press (Para), Glorifying the American Girl (Para), Affairs of the Follies (F.N.), The Love Thrill (Univ), Golden Cocoon (Warner), Honeymoon Hate (Para), Naughty but Nice (F.N.), The Drop-Kick (F.N.), Honeymoon Flats (Univ), Painted Angel (F.N.), Golden Calf (Fox).

WELLMAN, William. B. Brookline, Mass. Ed. Boston. M. Marjorie Crawford.

Began his motion picture career as a juvenile with Douglas Fairbanks in the Knickerbocker Buckaroo (Artcraft, 1919). After this experiment at acting decided that he would not rest until the opportunity of becoming a director came his way. Accepted a position as property-boy with the Fox Company and worked his way to the position of assistant-director in less than four years. Was given his first directorial opportunity by

В. P. Schulberg and, when the latter joined Paramount, he insisted that Wellman be taken, too.

Directed : The Cat’s Pyjamas (Para), You Never Know Women (Para), Wings (Para), Legion of the Condemned (Para), Ladies of the Mob (Para), Beggars of Life (Para), Chinatown Nights (Para), The Man I Love (Para), Young Eagles (Para), Woman Trap (Para), Dangerous Paradise (Para), Steel Highway (Warner), Maybe it’s Love (Warner), Night Nurse (Warner), Star Witness (Warner), The Honourable Mr. Wong (F.N.), So Big (Warner), The Purchase Price (F.N.), Love is a Racket (F.N.), Enemies of the

(WES-WYL) Biographies of Film Directors

Public (Warner) Conquerors (Radio), 20,000 Years in Sing Sing (Warner), The Lost Lady (F.N.), Common Ground (Warner).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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