Awards of Merit

Awards of Merit

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was founded on May n, 1927, and should not be confused with “ W amp as,” which is described on page 306. The AM.P.A.S. is an association of those concerned intimately with the production of films, and its members include the leaders in acting, directing, technical work, and writing. As with “ Wampas,” so the A..M.P.A.S. has developed a system of annual awards, which are much prized by those who gain them. We publish below a list of honours given for merit between the years 1927-1931.


Actress.—Janet Gaynor for Seventh Heaven, Street Angel, and Sunrise.

Actor.—Emil Jannings for Way of all Flesh and The Last Command.

Direction.—Frank Borzage for

Seventh Heaven and Lewis Milestone for Two Arabian Knights.

Outstanding Productions.—Wings (Paramount) and Sunrise (Fox).

Cinematography.—Charles Rosher and Karl Struss for Sunrise.

Art Direction.—William Cameron Menzies for The Tempest and The Dove.

Writing Achievements.—Ben Hecht for Underworld and Benjamin Glazer for Seventh Heaven.

Title Writing.—Joseph W. Farnham for Telling the World and Fair Co-ed.

Engineering Achievement.—Roy J. Pomeroy for Wings.

For Marking an Epoch in Motion Picture History.—Warner Bros. for producing The Jazz Singer (first sound film).


Actress.—Mary Pickford for Coquette.

Actor.—Warner Baxter for In Old Arizona.

Direction.—Frank Lloyd for Weary River, The Divine Lady, and The Drag.

Outstanding Production.—The Broadway Melody (Metro-Gold wyn-Mayer).

Cinematography.—Clyde De Vinna for White Shadows of the South Seas.

Art Direction.—Cedric Gibbons for The Bridge of San Luis Rey.

Writing.—Hans Kraly for The Patriot.


Actress.—Norma Shearer for The Divorcee.

Actor.—George Arliss for Disraeli.

Direction.—Lewis Milestone for All Quiet on the Western Front.

Outstanding Production.—All Quiet on the Western Front (Universal).

Cinematography.—Joseph T. Rucker and Willard Vander Veer for With Byrd at the South Pole.

Art Direction.—Herman Rosse for The King of fazz.

Sound Recording.—M.-G.-M. for The Big House.

Writing.—Frances Marion for The Big House.


Actress.—Marie Dressler in Min and Bill.

Actor.—Lionel Barrymore in A Free Soul.

Direction.—Norman Taurog for Skippy.

Outstanding Production.—СЬпагюп (Radio Pictures).-

Original Story.—John Monk Saunders for Dawn Patrol.

Adaptation.—Howard Estabrook for Cimarron.

Photography.—Floyd Crosby for Tabu.

Art Direction.—Max Ree for Cimarron

Sound Recording.—Paramount.

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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