The World’s Producing Companies

The World’s Producing Companies

The completest list ever published oj producing companies throughout the world. The list is arranged in the alphabetical order of countries—and the production companies themselves are classified alphabetically within their own countries


4376, Sunset Drive, Hollywood.

6501, West 5th Street, Hollywood.

290, Turk Street, San Francisco.

Allied Building, Tec-Art Studios, Culver City, 1179, Market Street, San Francisco.

9713, Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles. Tec-Art Studios, 5360, Melrose Avenue, Hollywood.

iбоб, N. Highland Avenue, Hollywood.

Davis Island, Tampa, Florida.

Metropolitan Studios, Hollywood.

4376, Sunset Drive, Hollywood.

Brulatour, J. E., Inc. of Cal. 6700, Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood. Burr, С. C., Enterprises Inc. Tec-Art Studios, 5360, Melrose Avenue,


Caddo Productions United Artists Studios, 1041, N. Formosa

Avenue, Hollywood.

5643, Las Palmas Avenue, Hollywood.

Action Pictures Adventure Films A. E. F. Photo Service

(American Educational Film) Allied Pictures Corporation Altamount Pictures Corporation

Animated Film Co.

Argus - Lancaster Productions

Beacon Productions Beecroft-Florida Studios Bennet, Spencer, Productions

Big 4 Productions

Cardinal Productions

World’s Producing Companies

Carr, Trem

Chaplin, Charles, Productions

Chester Productions Inc. Chesterfield Productions Christie Film Corporation Cinephone Studios Columbia Pictures Corporation

Continental Talking Pictures Corporation Cosmopolitan Productions Cruze' James, Inc.

6048, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood. 1416, North la Brae Avenue, Hollywood.

934, Market Street, San Francisco. Guaranty Building, Hollywood.

6625, Romaine Street, Hollywood.

4376, Sunset Drive, Hollywood.

1438, N. Gower Street, Hollywood.

6048, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.

M.G.M. Studios, Culver City, Cal. Guaranty Building, Hollywood.

Darmour Productions 5823, Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood.

DeMille, С. B., Productions 2010, De Mille Drive, Laughlin Park,


Disney, Walt, Productions 2719, Hyperion Street, Hollywood.


Durlam Productions 6048, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.

Educational Studios 7250, Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood.

Equitable Pictures Walter Stern, Metropolitan Studios, Holly


Fairbanks, Douglas Falcon Productions, Inc. Feature Productions Inc, First Division First National Fowler Productions Fox Film Corporation Fox Movietone Foy, Bryant, Studio Franklin and Stoner Futter, Walter

United Artists Studios, Hollywood.

6370, Willoughby Avenue, Hollywood. United Artists Studios, Hollywood.

1606, Highland Avenue, Hollywood. Burbank, California.

1123, Lillian Way, Hollywood.

Movietone City, Westwood, Cal.

Movietone City, Westwood, Cal.

9147, Venice Boulevard, Hollywood.

6381, Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood. 7000, Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood.

General Picture Corpora- A. M. Kennedy, 5251, Clinton Street, Holly tion wood.

Gold Seal Productions, Ltd. Metropolitan Studios, Hollywood.

WoiTd’s Producing Companies

Golden State Productions Goldsmith Productions Goldstone, Piiil Goldwyn, Samuel, Inc.

Grey, Romer, Pictures, Ltd.

Tec-Art Studios, Hollywood.

1343, N. Gordon Street, Hollywood. 6301, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood. United Artists Studio, Hollywood. 3680, Beverly Boulevard, Hollywood.

Halferin Productions, Inc. Harman-Ising Studios Hays, Jack Herman, Al

Hobart, Henry, Productions

1040, N. Las Palmas Avenue, Hollywood. 5653, Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood. Metropolitan Studios, Hollywood.

6048, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood. Educational Studios, 7250, Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood. •

Hollywood Film Enterprises 6060, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.

Hollywood Studios Hutchinson, Charles, Productions

1845, Glendale Boulevard, Hollywood. Tec-Art Studios, Hollywood.

Ideal Pictures Corporation-Imperial Art Productions Imperial Productions Inspiration Pictures International Film Corporation, Ltd.

Invincible Pictures Irwin, Jack, Productions

729, Seventh Avenue, New York City. Tec-Art Studios, Hollywood.

San Diego Studios, La Mesa, Cal.

Tec-Art Studios, Hollywood.

4376, Sunset Drive, Hollywood.

Guaranty Building, Hollywood.

6066, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.

Kennedy Studios Kent, Willis, Productions King, Burton, Productions Kirkwood, Ray, Productions

1400, N. Beach wood Drive, Hollywood. Tec-Art Studios, Hollywood.

4376, Sunset Drive, Hollywood. Kirkwood Studio, San Diego, Cal.

Lascelle, Ward, Productions 516, Walden Drive, Beverly Hills, Cal

Lesser, Sol. Levee, Mike

7000, Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood. Screen Guild, Metropolitan Studios, Hollywood.

Levine, Nat, Productions Lewyn, Lewis

Liberty Productions Co., Ltd.

Like, Ralph M., Inc.

Lloyd, Harold, Productions

6001, Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood. Tec-Art Studios, Hollywood.

Metropolitan Studios, Hollywood.

4376, Sunset Drive, Hollywood.

United Artists Studios, Hollywood.

World's Producing Companies

Martell, Alfonso, Produc- Tec-Art Studios, Hollywood.


Mascot Pictures 6001, Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood.

Mayfair Productions International Film Studios, 4376, Sunset

Drive, Hollywood.

Metropolitan Sound Pictures 1040, Las Palmas Avenue, Hollywood.

M.G.M. Productions Culver City, Cal.

Milestone Lewis, Produc- United Artists Studios, Hollywood. tions ,

Mintz, Charles, Studio 1154, North Western Avenue, Hollywood.

M. P. Utility Corporation Pacific Studios, San Mateo, Cal.

Monogram Pictures 6048, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.

Motion Picture Studios 10202, Washington Boulevard, Hollywood.

1509, N. Vine Street, Hollywood.

6048, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.

Nat Spitzer, 1451, N. Gordon Street. Hollywood.

Olympiad Pictures Corpora- Metropolitan Studios, Hollywood. tion

Outdoor Talking Pictures, (Robert C. Bruce), 1040, N. Las Palmas Inc. Avenue, Hollywood.

Pacific M. P. Productions 331, Turk Street, San Francisco, Cal Pallas & Graf Bros. Produc- Peninsular Avenue, San Mateo, Cal. tions

Paramount-Publix Corpora- 5451, Marathon Street, Hollywood. tion

Patrician Productions Tec-Art Studios, Hollywood.

Peerless Productions Trem Carr Studios, 6048, Sunset Boulevard,


Pickford, Mary, Productions United Artists Studios, Hollywood.

Pomeroy, Roy, Productions Metropolitan Studios, Hollvwood.

Premier Attractions Morris Schlank, Universal, Hollywood.

Principal Pictures Corpora- 7000, Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood.


National Players National Studios Natural Productions, Inc.

Radio Pictures Studios

78a Gower Street, Hollywood.

World's Producing Companies

Roach, Hal ббоо, Washington Boulevard, Culver City,

Royer, Fanchon Rogers, Charles, Productions


600r, Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood. Paramount Studios, Hollywood.

Sciienck, Josepii M. Enterprises

Schlesinger, Leon Selig, W. N., Inc.

Sennett, Mack, Productions Solomon Island Productions Sondart Studios Sunset Studios Supreme Productions Swanson, Gloria, Productions

United Artists Studio, Hollywood.

5842, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood. 3800, Mission Road, Hollywood.

4204, Radford Avenue, N. Hollywood. 3890, Mission Road, Hollywood.

Santa Monica Bid., Hollywood.

1123, Lillian Way, Hollywood.

Tec-Art Studios, Hollywood.

United Artists’ Studios, Hollywood.

Talking Picture Epics Tec-Art Studios Technicolor Productions

Tec-Art Studios, Hollywood.

5360, Melrose Avenue, Hollywood. 823, N. Seward Street, Hollywood.

Tenth Olympiad Productions 5225, Wilshire Boulevard, Hollywood

Tiffany Productions Triangle Film Corporation

4516, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood. 7046, Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood.

United Artists Pictures United Producers, Ltd. Universal Film Corporation

U to Z

1041, N. Formosa Avenue, Hollywood. 4376, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood. Universal Studios, Universal City, Cal.

Vitapiione Corporation

Talmadge Street and Prospect Avenue, Hollywood.

Warner Bros. Productions

Burbank, Cal.

Webb, Douglas, Productions Cineplione Studio, 4376, Sunset Drive, Holly-

Welshay Pictures, Inc. World-Wide


Metropolitan Studios, Hollywood. Metropolitan Studios, Hollywood.

Young, Richard P., Productions

635, N. Twjanga Avenue, Burbank, Cal.

Zeidman, B. F.

Tec-Art Studios, Hollywood.

World’s Producing Companies


Gluxman Film Producing Buenos Aires.



Australian Film, Ltd. 251a, Pitt Street, Sydney.

Australian and New Zealand State Theatre, Market Street, Sydney. Pictures

A. R. Harwood Talkie Pro- 61, Stanley Street, West Melbourne, C ductions, Ltd.

Automatic Film Laboratories 26, Rainford Street, Surrey Hills.

Celebrity Pictures Commonwealth Film Laboratories

305, Pitt Street, Sydney. Wilton Street, Sydney.

Cummings and Wilson

29, Alberta Street, Sydney.

Filmcraft Laboratories

Missenden Road, Camperdown.

Greater Australasian Films, Ltd.

251a, Pitt Street, Sydney.

Hamilton and Baker Harringtons, Ltd.

Hawkins Film Productions Herschells, Ltd.

Hoyts Productions, Ltd.

327, Pitt Street, Sydney.

3S8, George Street, Sydney.

160, Castlereagh Street, Sydney.

31, Agnes Street, Jolimont, C.2.

206, Bourke Street, Melbourne, C.i.

Independent Films (A’sia), Ltd.

151, Russell Street, Melbourne, C.i

Ladendorff, W. Lipman, J. A.

State Theatre, Market Street, Sydney. 214, Pitt Street, Sydney.

Palmers Pictures (Australia), Ltd.

379, Collins Street, Melbourne, C.i.

Raycophone, Ltd. Royce Films, Ltd

386, George Street, Sydney.

24, The Esplanade, St. Kilda, S.2

Universal Film Manufacturing Co. (Australia), Ltd.

221/5, Elizabeth Street, Sydney.

World’s Producing Companies


Exgel Hugo, Ltd.

Sascha-Filmindustrie Co. Selenophon

Schonbrunn-Film Co., Ltd.


Bomiials (Royal Films) Crosly Films Dardenne

Ombert Franco-Films



Van Goitsenhoven Films -


Beaumont Film Producing Company


Amalgamated Films Association, Ltd.

A. &. M. Productions, Ltd. Associated Metropolitan Productions, Ltd. Associated Sound Film Industries, Ltd.

A. R. P. Studios Audible Filmcraft, Ltd.

Neubaugasse, 28, VII, Vienna.

Siebenstengasse, 31, Vienna.

Licht und Tonbild, Ltd., Ill, Rennwe 46/50, Vienna.

Maxingstrasse, 13a, Vienna, XIII.

22, rue du Pont Neuf, Brussels.

74, rue Verte, Brussels.

30, rue Dupont, Brussels.

19, rue du Pont Neuf, Brussels, rue des Plantes, Brussels.

26, Quai aux Pierres de Taille, Brussels. 97, rue de Laeken, Brussels.

Rio de janiero.

Studios, Beaconsfield, Bucks.

126, Long Acre, London, W.C.2. Elstree Studios, Boreham Wood, Elstree.

Raglan Gardens, Wembley, Middlesex.

Ealing Green, Ealing, London, W.5. Boreham Wood, Elstree, Herts.

Blattner (Ludwig) Picture Corporation, Ltd.

Britannia Films, Ltd.

British & Dominions Film Corporation, Ltd.

British Instructional Films,

British International Pictures

British Lion Film Corporation, Ltd.

Boreham Wood, Elstree, Herts.

Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W.i Imperial Studios, Elstree, Herts.

Welwyn Garden City, Herts. Boreham Wood, Elstree, Herts.

Beaconsfield, Bucks.

Delta Pictures, Ltd.

Bushev Studios, Melbourne Road, Bushey.


World's Producing Companies

Fogwell, Reginald, Productions, Ltd.

Fox (British) Pictures Co., Ltd.

Gainsborough Pictures (1928), Ltd.

Gloria Swanson British Productions, Ltd.

Gaumont - British Picture Corporation, Ltd.

George King Productions

Hakim, Eric

Ideal Films, Ltd.,

John Amery Productions, Ltd.

John Harvel (Productions), Ltd.

Langtiam Productions, Ltd. London Film Productions, Ltd.

London Screen Plays

Mutual Pictures, Ltd.

Nettlefold Productions New Era National Pictures, Ltd.

New Era Pboductions, Ltd.

P.D.C., Ltd.

Paramount-British Pictures,

'Raycol British Corporation (Coi ourfilms)

6, Regent Street, London, W.i. 13, Berners Street, London, W.2.

Poole Street, London, N.1.

Film House, Wardour Street, London, W.i. Lime Grove, Shepherd’s Bush, London, W.12. 72. Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W.i.

H, I, J

c/o Cinema House, Ltd., 225, Oxford Street, London, W.i.

Film House, Wardour Street, London, W.i. 126, Long Acre, London, W.C.2. Beaconsfield, Bucks.

L, M, N

Nettlefold’s, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

22, Grosvenor Street, London, W.i.

Boreham Wood, Elstree, Herts.

Film House, Wardour Street, London, W.i.

Hurst Grove, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. 26, D’Arblay Street, London, W.i.

26-27, D’Arblay Street, London, W.i.

P, R

12, Great Newport Street, W.C.2.

Imperial Studios, Boreham Wood, Elstree, Herts.

8, Waterloo Place, S.W. 1.

World’s Producing Companies

Rowe, Victor W. Rowson, Harry

East End Way, Pinner, Middlesex. 1, Cecil Court, London, W.C.2.

Sound City, Ltd.

Sterling Film Co., Ltd. Stoll Picture Productions, Ltd.

Strand Film Co., Ltd.

Littleton Park, Shepperton, Middlesex.

191, Wardour Street, London, W.i.

Temple Road, Cricklewood, London, N.W.2.

184, Wardour Street, London, W.i.

Topical Productions (Topical Film Co., Ltd.) Twickenham Film Studios, Ltd.

Brent Labs., North Circular Road, London,


Alliance Studios, St. Margarets, Twickenham.

Wardour Films, Ltd. Film House, Wardour Street, W.i.

Warner Bros—First NATiONALTeddington Studios, Broom Road,Teddington. Productions, Ltd.

Welsh Pearson Films, Ltd. 2, Dean Street, London, W.i.

Westminster Films, Ltd. Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

British Movietone News (Studio)

Empire News Bulletin Paramount Sound News Patiie Gazette


13, Berners Street, London, W.i.

90, Wardour Street, London, W.i. School Road, London, N.W.10.

103, Wardour Street, London, W.i.


Educational Films Produced by the Canadian Government,

Motion Picture Bureau, Department of Trade and Commerce, Ottawa.

Sound Phototone Company Montreal.


The Star Motion Picture 50, Route Doumer, Shanghai, China.

Co., Ltd.

The Unique Film Company Shanghai, China.

The United Photoplay (The Great China Lilium Studios), 201/3, Service, Ltd. Connaught Road, Shanghai, China.


World's Producing Companies

Columbia (South America)

Cines Columbia Medellin, Columbia.


A. B.

Bratri Deglove Elekta-Film A. G. Filmova Industrie , Fiser-Film Gong-Film Co., Ltd. Sonor-Film Co., Ltd.

akc. spol., Korunni tr. 102, Prague, filmova spol., Stepanska, 57, Prague. Narodni tr. 26, Prague.

Josef Kokeisl, Karlova, tr. 35, Prague. Melantrichova 1, Prague I.

Narodni, 26, Prague II.

Palac lucerna, Prague II.



Taflelbaysalle, 2, Hellerup, Copenhagen.

Nordisk Films Kompagni Nordisk Tone-Film

Redhavnsvej 1, Frihavnen, Copenhagen. Haraldsgade 6, Copenhagen.

Palladium Film Company

Axelborg, Copenhagen.


Albatros Films Animateur Films Alliance Internationa le Cinematographique Artistes Reunis Les Atlantic-Film

26, Rue Fortuny, Paris, т je.

43, Rue Beaubourg, Paris, зе.

Avenue Cyrille-Besset, Maison Bruno, Cagnes-sur-Mer (A.M.)

15, Avenue Matignon, Paris, 8e.

47bis, Avenue Hoche, Paris, 8e.

Baroncelli, Les Films Benoit-Levy, Jean Braunberger-Richebe Buhot, Films Emile

i о, Rue de l'lsly, Paris, 8e.

42, Rue de Paradis, Paris, ioe.

53, Rue St. Roch, Paris, ie.

19, Rue Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Paris, ioe.

Caval, Gaston 51, Rue Saint-Georges, Paris, ge

Centrale Cinematographique 74, Avenue Kelber, Paris, i6e.

Cham pel, M. J.

32, Rue Vital-Carles, Bordeaux, Gironde.

Compagnie Generale de Pro- 26, Rue Caulaincourt, Paris, i8e, DUCTIONS ClNEMATOGRAPHIQUES Compagnie Universelle 20, Rue de la Chine, Paris. Cinematographique

World’s Producing Companies 409

CoNSORTimi Central de 26, Avenue de Tokio, Paris, ide.


Consortium International ii, Rue Mogador, Paris.


Delac & Vandal Dini, Gennaro

63, Avenue des Champs Elysees, Paris, 8e. 4, Avenue Gambetta, Paris, aoe.

Eclair-Journal Ecran D’Art Editions Cinemato-


Editions Braunberger-Richebe

Elegances Parisiennes, Films des

Elyseum-Filjis Etablissements Jaques IIaik

Etablissements Natan Etablissements Rene Duval Etoile-Film

Exclusivites Jean de Merly Exclusivites L. Wion

12, Rue Gaillon, Paris, 2e.

15, Rue du Вас, Paris, ye.

51, Rue Saint-Georges, Paris, 9e.

53, Rue St. Roch, Paris, ie.

26, Rue Caulaincourt, Paris, i8e.

1, Rue de Steinkcrque, Paris, i8e.

63, Avenue des Champs Elysees, Paris, 8e.

6, Rue Francoeur, Paris, i8e.

24, Rue Moliere, Bagnolet (Seine).

73, Rue Beaubourg, Paris, 3e.

3, Avenue Victor-Hugo, Paris, 8e.

17, Rue Drouot, Paris, 9e.

Filmavox, Services Commerciaux Filmmagazine Films Alex, Naplas Film Apollon Film D’Art

Films Artistiques, J. L. Herve

Films Artistiques Sofar, Les Films Elites, Les Films Omega, Societe Des Films Paris, Les Films Sonores (Tobis)




F, G

35, Rue du Plateau, Paris, ige.

26, Rue Caulaincourt, Paris, i8e.

26, Rue Caulaincourt, Paris, i8e.

19, Rue Saint-Georges, Paris, 9e.

63, Avenue des Champs-Elysees, Paris, 8e. 80, Faubourg-Saint-Denis, Paris, юе.

7, Rue Montaigne, Paris, 8e.

73, Boulevard de Clichy, Paris, i8e.

69, Rue dc Monceau, Paris, 8e.

13, Boulevard des Italiens, Paris, ge.

44, Avenue des Champs-Elysees, Paris, 8e.

Studios: 10, Rue Dumont, Epinay-sur-Seine. 9, Cite de Retiro, Paris, 8e.

35, Rue du Plateau, Paris, ige.

World’s Producing Companies

Lauzin, Albert Lunafilm

L, M, N, О

61, Rue de Chabrol, Paris, ioe. 18, Rue Ballu, Paris, ge.

M. B. Film 64, Rue Pierre-Charron, Paris, 8e.

Migozzi, F. Studios Montsouris, 90/92, Rue de l’Admiral-

Mouchez, Paris, i4e.

Natan Productions Nicoea Films Production

Osso Films

6, Rue Francoeur, Paris, i8e.

Palais Florine, 31, Boulevard du Tzarewitch, Nice (A.M.). Studio: Saint-Laurent-du-


73, Avenue des Champs Elysees, Paris, 8e.

P to end

Paris International Films 6, Rue Lincoln, Paris, 8e.

Paramount (French Co.) i, Rue Meyerbeer, Paris. Studios : Joinville.

Pinchon, Max. 8, Rue Aristide-Bruant, Paris, i8e.

Production Francaise Cine- 16, Rue Clauzel, Paris, 9e.


Riffard-Fourcade 42, Rue d’Amstcrdam, Paris, ge.

Societe des Films Kaminsky


Studio Apollo, Societe Pellegrin et Cie

48, Rue Arthur-Rozier, Paris, ige. 10, Rue Massenet, Paris, i6e.

4, Rue Puteaux, Paris, i/e.

Tiffany France Union des Producteurs Vandor Film

6, Rue Lammenais, Paris, 8e.

36, Rue du Chateau-d’Eau, Paris, ioe. 14, Rue Auber, Paris, ge.


Aafa-Film Co. Aciisel, Willy Aco

Albo-Film Aldini-Film Allianz-Tonfilm Altiioff-Film Am a

Berlin, S.W.48, Berlin, S.W.48, Berlin, S.W.48, Berlin, S.W.68, Berlin, S.W.68, Berlin, S.W.68, Berlin, S.W.48, Berlin, S.W.48,

Friedrichstrasse, 223. Friedrichstrasse, 238. Friedrichstrasse, 37. Kochstrasse, 18. Friedrichstrasse, 27. Friedrichstrasse, 235. Friedrichstrasse, 37. Friedrichstrasse, 236.

World’s Producing Companies

Anders, Georg







Munchen, Blumenstrasse, 37.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 13.

Berlin, N.W.7, Unter den Linden, 69. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 23.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 23. Berlin, W.8, Franzosische Strasse, 22/23. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 8.

Bayerische Filmgesellschaet

Bayerisciie Landes Film, Ltd.

Ben-Fett Film




Boese, Carl, Ltd.


Brager, Ludwig & Co. Bundesfilm Co.

Berlin, S.W.68, Friedrichstrasse, 210 Munchen, Franz-Joseph-Strasse, 41. Berlin, Friedrichstrasse, 23.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 218. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 24. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 224. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 224. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 12. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 9. Berlin, W.35, Kurfiirstenstrasse, 53.

Cabinet Film Toni Atten-berger, Ltd.


Central-Film, Fett & Co. Chronos-Film Co., Ltd. Cicero-Film Co., Ltd. Cinema-Film, Co., Ltd. Cob-Film Co., Ltd. Comenius-Film Concordia Czerny & Co.

Munchen, Scheisheuise Str., 141.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 22.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 224.

Berlin, S.W.48, Charlottenstrasse, 95. Berlin-Halensee, Cicerostrasse, 6.

Berlin, S.W.48, Enckestrasse, 6.

Berlin, S.W.4S, Friedrichstrasse, 218. Berlin-Charlottenburg, Sclnvarzburgallee, ia. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 23.

Berlin, S.W.4S, Friedrichstrasse, 21S.

Defina, Ltd.

Defra-Film Delog, Ltd.

Desta-Film, Ltd. Detofa-Film Deulig-Film Co.

Deutsche Bioscop Ltd. Deutsche Film Co.

Deutsche Filmproduktion Deutsche Film-Und Liciit-bild-Genossenschaft Deutsche Industrie-Und Verkehrs Film, Ltd. Deutsche Jean de Merly Produktion

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 10. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 250. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 218. Berlin, N.W., Luisenstrasse, 51.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 23. Berlin, S.W.68, Ivochstrasse, 6/8.

Berlin, S.W.6S, Kochstrasse, 6/S. Berlin, S.W.68, Friedrichstrassse, 19. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 2.j. Berlin, N.W.21., Bochumer Strasse, 8a.

Munchen, Blomenstrasse. n,

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 8.

World’s Producing Companies

Deutsche Leiirfilm-Gesellschaft, Ltd. Deutsche Tonfilm Co. Deutsche Universal Film Co. Deutsche Vereinsfilm Co. Deutscher Werkfilm Deutches Lichtspiel-


Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Giintzelstrasse, 66.

Berlin, W.8, Mauerstrasse, 43.

Berlin, Mauerstrasse, 83/4.

(Defa) Berlin, W.8, Unter den Linden, 16. Berlin, S.W.68, Lindenstrasse, 69.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 225.

Ecclesia-Film Co., Ltd. Efa-Gesellschaft, Kino-, Photo- und Elektro-Techniic Efi-Film, Ltd.

Efzet-Film Eichberg-Film, Ltd. Eiko-Film Co.

Einstein, Oscar Eisbar-Film, Ltd. Elektrofilm, Ltd.

Ellen-Richter-Film Elwe-Film-Gesellschaft, Ltd.

Emelka Co.

Engel, Hugo Engels, Erich Engers Adolphe Film Bataclan Film Society Equitable Films Equity-Film Compagnie, Ltd. Erdeka-Film Erka-Film


Europaische Film-Allianz Ewald-Film Excelsior-Film Excentric-Film

Berlin, S.W.11, Grossbeerenstrasse, 9. Berlin, S.W.68, Hollmannstrasse, 16.

Berlin, W.8, Friedrichstrasse, 171 IV. Berlin, S.W.68, Friedrichstrasse, 225. Berlin, W.8, Friedrichstrasse, 171.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 224. Berlin, S.W.61, Gitschiner Strasse, 111. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 13.

Berlin, W.62, Maassenstrasse, 9. Berlin-Halensee, Cicerostrasse, 6. Berlin-Lichterfelde, Tulpenstrasse, 18.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 210, ai Miinchen, Geiselgasteig.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 250. Berlin, S.W.68, Kochstrasse, 12.

Berlin, W.15, Fasanenstrasse, 18.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 250. Berlin, W.35, Genthiner Strasse, 9.

Berlin, W.50, Kurfiirstendamm, 236. Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Hohenzollemdamm, I94/95-

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 32. Berlin-Halensee, Cicerostrasse, 2/6.

Berlin, W.35, Magdeburger Strasse, 4. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 11. Berlin-Tempelhof, Ringbahnstrasse, 103.



Fellner & Somlo Filmgesellschaft Verei-


Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 225. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 233. Berlin, S.W.68, Friedrichstrasse, 224. Berlin-Halensee, Kurfiirstendamm, 74.

World's Producing Companies

Filmiiaus Mischke & Co., Ltd. Berlin, S.W.ii, Dessauer Strasse, 2. Filmproduktion Carlo Aldini Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 27.

Co., Ltd.

Filmproduktion Low & Co. Fischer, Karl, Trickfilme Fischer-Film Froelich-Film Fundus, Ltd.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 247. Miinchen, Schwanthaler Strasse, 1. Berlin, S.W.61, Friedrichstrasse, 238. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 37a. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 238.







Glashaus Film-Gesellschaft Glass-Produktion Max & Co. Glombeck, Robert

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 7a.

Berlin, N.39, Sparrstrasse, 1.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 233.

Berlin, Eichkampstrasse, G.16. Berlin-Tempelhof, Borussiastrasse, 45^49. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 235. Deutsche Filmindustrie, Berlin, S.W.68, Friedrichstrasse, 37.

Gloria-Film, Ltd.


Gotz-Film Compagnie, Ltd.


G. P. Film, Ltd.

Gottschalk Film, Ludwig


Berlin, W.62, Budapester Strasse, 24. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 224. Berlin, W.8, Friedrichstrasse, 62. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 24. Berlin, S.W.68, Kochstrasse, 64. Berlin, Friedrichstrasse, 25/26.

Berlin, N.W.7, Prinz-Louis-Ferdinand-Strasse, 1.

Grune Berlin-Charlottenburg, Droysenstrasse, 3.

Grunwald-Film-Atelier, Ltd. Berlin-Grunewald, Konigsweg, 148.


Hagenbeck Film, Ltd., John Hala-Film, Ltd. Hansa-Luftbild, Ltd. Harmonie-Film Hartlaub-Film, Ltd. Hedinger-Film, Carl Hegewald Heidemann Helios-Film, Ltd.





Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 231. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 238. Berlin, N.4, Novalisstrasse, 2.

Berlin, S.W.29, Flugplatz.

Berlin, W.9, Potsdamer Strasse, 123. Berlin, S.W.61, Grossbeerenstrasse, 10. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 235. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 250. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 217. Berlin, S.W.68, Friedrichstrasse, 207. Berlin, S.W.68, Kochstrasse, 18.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 12. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 225.

Woi'ld’s Producing Companies

Ном Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 225.

Humboldt-Film Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 235.

iDEAL-FlbM Ifco, Internationale Company, Ltd.

Ikarus-Film, Ltd.


Imperial-Film, Ltd. Industrie-Propaganda Fehler & Co.


Institut Fur Julturfors-


Internationaler Filmdienst Intra-Film-Picture Co., Ltd. Intropa-Film, Ltd. Itala-Film

Berlin, S.W.68, Markgrafenstrasse, 21. Neubabelsberg, near Potsdam, Domstrasse, Ч-

Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Helmstedter Strasse, iq. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 22.

Berlin, C.2, Heilige Geiststrasse, 5/6.

Berlin, W.9, Linkstrasse, 27.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 207.

Berlin, W.8, Jagerstrasse, 17.

Berlin, W.50, Achenbachstrasse, 3. Berlin-Halensee, Sesener Strasse, 53.

Berlin, W.50 Ansbacher Strasse, 56.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 233.

Jacoby, Berlin, S.W.68, Zimmerstrasse, 79/80.

Joe-May-Film Berlin, S.W.48, Franzosische Strasse, 22/23.

“ Jofa/’Johannisthaler Film- Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse. 221. Anstalten, Ltd.

Kahn-Film, Ltd., William Berlin,

Karen V. Bredow Berlin,

Karol Berlin,

Kaufmann-film Ltd., Fritz. Berlin-

Klangfilm Berlin,

Knevels, Frttz, Film Berlin,

Knorr-Film, Robert Knorr Berlin,

Комет-Film Berlin,

Koop Berlin,

Kraska-Film Berlin,

Kreutzberg-Lola-Film Berlin,

Kulturfilm-Produktion, Ltd. Berlin,

S.W.68, Friedrichstrasse, 37. S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 13. S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 12. Charlottenburg, IV, Niebuhrstr, S.W.11, Askanischer Platz 4. S.W.14, Friedrichstrasse, 224. S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 247. W.50, Augsburger Strasse, 68. S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 30. N.W.6, Luisenplatz, 2/4.

W.50, Passauer Strasse, 17. S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 7.

Lander-Film Lampreciit, Gerhard Lang, Fritz Levante-Film

Berlin, W.8, Dorotheenstrasse, 4. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 224. Berlin, S.W.68, Ivochstrasse, 6/8, Berlin, W.8, Friedrichstrasse, 185.

World's Producing Companies

Licho-Film-Verleih, Ltd. Leo-Film Lignose-Horfilm Low & Co.

Lola Kreutzberg Lotus-Film

Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Prinzi-egentenstr, 81. Munchen, Pestalozzistrasse, 1.

Berlin, S.W.68, Lindenstrasse, 32/34. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 247. Berlin, W.50, Passauer Strasse, 17. Berlin, W.30, Bamberger Strasse, 14.

Marchen-Film Markus-Film, Ltd.

Mars-Film, Ltd.

]\Iax Glass Produktion Max Mack

Maxim - Film - Gesellschaft Ebner & Co.

May, Joe Medusa-Film


Melophon-Film Melos-Film Memento-Film, Ltd. Mephisto-Film, Ltd. Merkur-Film Messter-Film, Ltd.


Munchener Lichtspielkunst Co.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 235.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 5/6. Munchen, Pilotystrasse, 2/3.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 221. Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Konstanzer Strasse, n. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 235.

Berlin, S.W.48, Franzosische Strasse, 22/23. Berlin, W.8, Jagerstrasse, 19.

Berlin, N. W. 7, Prinz - Louis - Ferdinand-Strasse, 1.

Berlin, W.8, Mauerstrasse, 43.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 218. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 217. Berlin, W.8, Taubenstrasse, 23.

Berlin, S.W.68, Markgrafenstrasse, 21. Berlin, S.W.68, Ivochstrasse, 6/8-.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 22. Munchen, Sonnenstrasse, 15.

Nathan, S.



Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 27. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 10. Berlin, W.8, Unter den Linden, 21.

Oberlander, Walter

Oceana-Film, Ltd.





Ondra-Lamac-Film Orbis-Film Co. Orpheum-Film-Gesellschaft Orpild-Messtro-Film, Ltd.


Oswald (Richard) Produktion

Berlin-Halensee, Karlsruher Strasse, ir. Munchen, Goethestrasse, 18.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 238. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 7. Berlin, S.W.68, Friedrichstrasse, 37a. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 237. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 246. Munchen, Karlstrasse, 8.

Berlin, W.35, Benthiner Strasse, 9. Berlin, Zimmerstrasse, 79/80.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 218. Berlin. S.W.n, Stresemannstrasse, 31.

World's Producing Companies


Panzer-Film Parufamet Phoenix Poetic-Film Piccadilly-Film, Ltd. Pommer-Film, Ltd. (Fricii) Polo, Eddie Porten-Film, FIenny Primus-Film, Bln. Prometheus-Fi lm

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 516. Berlin, S.W.48, Puttkamerstrasse, 19. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 225. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 18. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 13. Miinchen, 23, Wilhelmstrasse, 28. Berlin, Kochstrasse, 6/8.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 218. Berlin, W.8, Unter den Linden, 21. Schoneberg, Bahnstrasse, 29.

Berlin, S.W.48, Hedemannstrasse, 21.

Radio-Synciiron-Film, Ltd.


Rem о-Film




Rimax-Film Co.

Roland-Film Rondo-Film, Ltd. Room-Jurturfilm-Produktion Jultura, Ada van Rosenfeld,

Russo-Film Л Co., Ltd.

Berlin, W.8, Krausenstrasse, 69.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 207. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 23. Berlin, N.39, Miillerstrasse, 181/183. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 27. Berlin, S.W.68, Lindenstrasse, 18/19. Berlin, N.W.6, Schiffbauerdamm, 20. Berlin, W.8, Unter den Linden, 10. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 24S. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 13.

Berlin, S.W.68, Markgrafenstrassc, 21. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 27.



Schulz & Wuellner, Ltd.

Sciiunzel, Reinhold, Ltd.

Senator-Film, F. W. Kluckow





Solar-Film, Ltd.



Stark, Loth a к



Stoll-Produktiox, Ron.


Berlin, S.W.68, Friedrichstrasse, 207. Miinchen, Turkenstrasse, 24/0.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 224.

Berlin, S.W.11, Stresemannstrasse, 118/9. Berlin, S.W.68, Friedrichstrasse, 37.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 250. Bcrlin-Steglitz, Berlinickestrasse, 11. Berlin, N.W.6, Schiffbeaurdamm, 33. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 246. Berlin-Ivarlshorst, Romerring, 40.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 224. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 218. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 12.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 24.

Berlin, S.W. 48, Friedrichstrasse, 2 (. Berlin, N.W.87, Lessingstrassc, 23.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse.

Пшнппшн l 18 11 8i is se vi ssmimm

i 3 5 5212 “3 S3 32 SI film SI ; VK rii:«5H3*ss«;»|”

-- шЩ SI 12 33 122^133» "" S E .г яг Г? 23 If 8*'*,f

! э* 1 :11в«и*8*!^3п»

,i s* * Ig -- 3? ** ..аЛ**11

-!T f$ * ^ яг-’Й^З** „-jSS»

;; ^g**s*;:^3ss4r л"1

S i« ij mu i i'1 ! Ml о

btjiil ПН


Edison Company


Plate 50 U.F.A.



Plate 52

Striking decoration at the GRANADA, Tooting.

World’s Pi'oducing Companies



Miinclien, Blumenstrasse, 37.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 207. Berlin, S.W.68, Markgrafenstrasse, 21.

Tempelhofer Glashaus, Ltd.



Tonbild-Syndikat (Tobis) Transocean-Film, Ltd. Trenker, Ltd (Luis) Trianon-Film Trias-Film

Trickfilmatelier Waechter Triumph-Film, Ltd. Turma-Film-Gesellschaft, Philippi & Co.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 10.

Berlin, S.E.68, Kochstrassd,' 73.

Berlin, S.W.63, Friedrichstrasse, 217. Berlin, W.8, Mauerstrasse, 43.

Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 225. Berlin, Dernburgstrasse, 31.

Berlin, S.W.u, Dessauer Strasse, 2. Berlin-Schoneberg, Neue Winterfeldstrasse, 34 Berlin, W.30, Martin-Luther-Strasse, 81. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 19. Berlin-Schoneberg, Haupstrasse, 144.

u, V

Xj co-Film Ufa-Kultur-Film Una-Film, Ltd. Universum-Film Aktienge-sellschaft (UFA)

Berlin, S.W.68, Kochstrasse, 22. Neubabelsberg, near Potsdam. Berlin-Halensee, Kurfiirstendamm, 74. Berlin, Krausenstrasse, 38/39.

Berlin, S.W.68, Markgrafenstrasse, 20. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 218. Berlin, N.W.6, Luisenstrasse, 51.


Vereinigte Star-Film, Ltd.

Verlag Wissenschaftliciier Filme, Ltd.

Visum-Film, Ltd. Berlin, W.50, Neue Bayreuther Strasse, 1.

Vita Filmindustrie Vertriebs Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 24.


W to Z

Weinert, K.

Weinschenck-Film, Ltd.,



Welt-Film, Karl Wiesel

Werbefilm, Ltd.



Wicking-Film Co.



Berlin, S.O.36, Muskauer Strasse, 24. Berlin-Friedenau, Haupstrasse, 84. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 250. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 250. Miinchen, Promenadenplatz, 5.

Berlin, W.35, Genthiner Strasse, 32. Berlin, W.50, Tauentzienstrasse, 14. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse, 13. Berlin-Neukolln, Biirknerstrasse, 17. Berlin, S.W.68, Friedrichstrasse, 217. Berlin, S.W.48, Friedrichstrasse. 218.


World’s Producing Companies

Dag-Film, Ltd.

odos Metropolus, Athens.


C.A.P. Ivens

Ivalverstraat, Amsterdam.


Damrak 53, Amsterdam (News Reel and.

Sound Film Producer)


Koudenliorn 8, Haarlem.

Filmfabriek “ Holland ”

Bestevaerstraat, Amsterdam.


Stationsplein 64, The Hague (News Reels)..

Filmfabriek “ Hague ”

Waldorpstraat 6, The Hague.


Hoefkade 9, The Hague.


Filmfabriek Electrostroom,

Schoonderloostraat, Rotterdam (News Reel).1

N.V. Cinetone, (Director : A.

Overtoom, Amsterdam.

Ben no)

Orion-Profilti, Ivon.

Sophiestraat 33, The Hague (News Reel and Sound Film Producer).


Hunnia Film Co.

Gyarmat ut, 37, Budapest VII.

Ivovacs es Faludi

Gyarmat ut 39, Budapest.

Star-Filmfabrik Co.

Pasareti ut 80, Budapest.

Ungarisches Filmburo Co.

Sandor ut, 7, Budapest VII.


Eastern Film Syndicate


Excelsior Company


British Burma Studio


Burma Art Studio


Burma National Film Com-


pany Studio

Imperial Film Company


Kinema Arts Studio


Kohinoor Film Company


Krishna Film Company


The London Art Studio


Madan’s Studio


Sharda Fiim Company


World’s Producing Companies


Stabilimenti “ Ones " Co., Via Vejo, 51, Rome.

Ltd. (Prop.: Stefano Pit-taluga)

Ente Nazionale Per La Cine-


Via Vittorio Veneto 7, Rome.

Instituto Nazionale Luce Titanus.Film Co., Ltd. Titanus Film Co., Ltd. Quirinus Film

Via della Stamperia, Rome. Piazza Goldoni 44, Rome.

Via S. Brigida 16, Napoli.' Circonvallazione Appia, Rome.


Nappion Katsudo-Shashui

Tokio, Japan.

Kaisha, Ltd.

Shachiku Cinema Kaisha, Ltd. Tokio, Japan.

Taikaku Cinema E n g e r Kaisha, Ltd.

Osaka, Japan.

Тол Cinema Kaisha, Ltd.

Kioto, Japan.



Bosna D. D., Za Filmsku In-dustriju

Decanska 23, Belgrad.

Vuka Karadzica 5, Belgrad.


Cia Nacional Productora de Peliculas Mexicanas

Paseo de la Reiorma, 525, Mexico, D.F.

New Zealand

Cinema Art Films (Aust. & N.Z.), Ltd.

De Forest Phonofilms Hayward, Rudall C. Industrial Films (N.Z.), Ltd. .Mutual Films N.Z. Radio Films, Ltd. Tru-Colour Films Waterworths, Ltd.

Vinsen, J. S.

129-131, Albert Street, Auckland, and 2, Marjoribanks Street, Wellington.

21, Grey Street, Wellington.

Lomond Street, Takapuna, Auckland. Epworth Chambers, Christchurch.

40, Cuba Street, Wellington.

36, Wyndham Street, Auckland.

Fox, 527, Wellington.

216, Lambton Quay, Wellington, and 105, Colombo Street, Christchurch.

Courtenay Place. Wellington.

World’s Producing Companies


Бю-Film Compani Filmindustri Fra m film Gladtvedt-Film


Norsk Lydfilm A/ S Schwartz, Tiis. W.

Spange, Knut Spektro-Film A/S Victoria-Film A/S

Olaf Ryes-plass n, Oslo.

N. Vaskegng 2, Oslo.

Grensen 17, Oslo.

Nordahl Brunsgate 14, Oslo. Tollbodgaten 35, Oslo.

Tordenskjolds-plass 3, Oslo. Reklamebyra, Nedre Vollgate 18, Oslo. Nedre Slottsgate 10, Oslo. Hegdehaugsveien 26, Oslo. Inkognitogaten 28, Oslo.


Compania Cinematografica Lima.


Herosfilm Co., Ltd.

A/S Fotorama Muza film

Sfinics, Biuro Kinematogr.

A1 JerozolimsKa 31, Warszawa. Oslo.

Widok 23, Warszaw.

S-to Krzyska 35, Warszaw.


F.J.R. Film Strada Latina Lo, Bucarest.

J.F. (Industria de Filme, Strada Sfintilor 55, Budapest. Maximilian Obler)

Soremar-Film Cal Victor.ei 89, Bucarest

Russia (U.S.S.R.)

All film production in tbe U.S.S.R. is controlled by : Soyuskino, M. Enezdnicovsky 7, Moscow, U.S.S.R.


Artes Cinematograficas, S.A. B. Abadal

Cinematografica Nacional Espanola, S.A.

Cinnamond Film Espana Film у Fice

Film Espanola, S.A.

Hispano Grafilm, S.A.E. Informacion Cinematografica Espanola

Camelias, 39, Barcelona. Jesus, 6, Barcelona. ' Camillas, 39, Barcelona.

Balmes, 51, Barcelona. Claudio Coello, 50, Madrid. Marti, 104, Barcelona.

Gral. Porlier, 93, Madrid. Valencia, 282, 1, Barcelona. Arlaban, i°, Madrid.


World's Producing Companies

Laboratorios Cinematografi- Rosellon, 253, Barcelona, cos Trilla

Madrid Film Carrera San Francisco, 4, Madrid.


Europa Film Fribergs Filmbyra Nationaleilm

Oscar Rosenbergs Filmbyra




Film-Aap S.A.

Swiss Air H. Egli Eos-Film

Helvetia Film Co.

K. Lips

Office Cinematographique Praesens-Film Co.

Paul Schmid (Film Propo-ganda)

Schweiz, Sciiul & Volkskino Turicia-Film Co.


Halil Kiamil Film Kemal-Film

Drottninggatan 10, Stockholm. Mastersamuelsgatan 71, Stockholm. David Bagaresgatan 7, Stockholm. Jungsgatan 27, Stockholm:

Mai mo.

Centrum, Stockholm. Burgerkarisgatan, 12, Stockholm.

29, Rue de Lancy, Geneva. Schweiz, Luftverkelirs Co., Zurich. Germanistr. 5, Zurich. Reichensteinerstr. 14, Basle.


Neu-Allschwil, Basle.

Rue du Midi 15, Lausanne. Weinbergstrasse 11, Zurich. Neufeldstrasse 7, Berne.


Stampfenbachstrasse 57, Zurich.

Taxim, Sine Majok, Istanbul. Sirkedji Palace, Istanbul.

Union of South Africa

African Film Productions, Box 2787, Johannesburg.

Ltd. •

African Films, Ltd. Box 4552, Johannesburg.

African Films, ltd. Box 701, Cape Town.

Kixemas, Ltd. Kinema House, 259, Jeppe Street, Johannes


The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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