Biographies Of The Players AST-BAR

ASTOR, Gertrude. B. Lakewood, Cleveland, Ohio, 1906. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 7 in. Wt. 9 st. 2 lb. Began her stage career at 13, returning to school two years later. First important screen role opposite Reginald Denny in The Cheerful Fraud (Univ, 1926).

Also Played in : Through the Back Door (U.A.), The Impossible Airs. Bellew (Para), Secrets (F.N.), Rupert of Hentzau (M.G.), The Boy Friend (M.G.M), Stage Struck (Para), The Strong Man (F.N.), The Old Soak (Univ), Too Many Women (F.N.), The Cat and the Canary (Univ), Small Bachelor (Univ), Shanghai (F.N.), Ginsberg The Great (Warner), Synthetic Sin (F.N.), Twin Beds (F.N.), Two Weeks Off {F.N.), Frozen Justice (Fox), Untamed (M.G.M.), Be Yourself (U.A.), Dames Ahoy (Univ), The Fall of Eve (Col), Live and Learn (Pathe), The Boss’ Orders (Pathe), The Doctor’s Wife (Vita), Come Clean (Tiffany), Hell Bound (Tiffany), A Woman of Experience (Radio), They Never Come Back (Tec-Art), Western Limited (Mono).

ASTOR, Mary. Real name, Lucille Vaseonellos Langhanke. B. Quincey, 111. May 3, 1906. Auburn hair,

brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Ed. Kenwood, Loring, Chicago. M. (1) Kenneth Hawks; d. Jan. 1930 ; (2) Dr. Franklyn Thorpe,

June, 1931 ; dau. Marilyn, b. June i6, 1932.

Was intended by her parents to be a school teacher, but decided at the age of fifteen to try a screen career. Made her film debut in The Beggar Alaid. The plane accident which robbed her of her first husband, Kenneth Hawks, film director, occurred while a picture was being made over the Pacific Ocean. This went very near to wrecking Mary Astor’s life, but, with the patient care of her medical adviser, Dr. Franklyn Thorpe, she was in time restored to health and is now once more a leading light.

Also Played In : The Bright Shawl

(F.N.), Don Q., Son of Zorro (U.A.), Don Juan (Warner), Beau Brummel (Warner), Rough Riders (Para), Two Arabian Knights (U.A.), Dressed to Kill (Fox), Dry Martini (Fox), New Year's Eve (Fox), Romance of the Underworld (Fox), Woman From Hell (Fox), Sin Ship (Radio), Ladies Love Brutes (Para), Other Men s Women (Warner), Behind Office Doors (Radio), The Lash (F.N.), White Shoulders (Radio), Holiday (PatM), The Steel Highway (Warner), Lost Squadron (Radio), Men of Chance (Radio), A Successful Calamity (Warner), Smart Women (Radio), Those We Love (Tiffany), Red Dust (M G.M ).

ATES, Roscoe. B. Grange, Missouri, Jan. 20, 1895. Auburn hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Wt. 10 st. 5 lb. Ed. High School, Grange. M. Clara Callahan ; 1 child.

Entered motion pictures in 1930, following fifteen years’ stage experience, one of his earliest films being The Big House (M.G.M.).

Also Played in : The Great Lover (M.G.M.), Clean Up to the Curb, Lone Star Ranger (Fox), Cimarron (Radio), Freaks (M.G.M. not shown in Britain), Ladies of the Jury (Radio), The Champ (M.G.M.), Rainbow Trail (Fox), The Optimist (Rogers), Roadhouse Murder (Radio), Young Bride (Radio), Hold ‘Em Jail (Radio), Deported (Radio), Renegades of the West (Radio).

ATWILL, Lionel. B. Croydon, England, March 1, 1885. Dark brown hair, grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. in. Wt. 12 st. Ed. Mercers’ School, London. Studied architecture for three years before succumbing to his desire for a theatrical career. Made his stage debut in The Walls of Jericho at the Garrick Theatre, 1904. Has also toured Australia. Went to Hollywood to play the lead in The Silent Witness (Fox, 1932), and

(AUE-AYR) Biographies of the Players

enjoyed the experience so well that he decided to stop there for a while.

Also Played in : Doctor X (Warner).

AUER, Mischa. B. St. Petersburg,

Russia, Nov. 17, 1905. Ht. 6 ft. 2 in.

Wt. 11 st. 11 lb. Ed. St. Petersburg;

New York City.

While appearing in the stage play Magda, was offered a part in Something Always Happens (Para, 1928).

Also Played in : Marquis Preferred (Para), Benson Murder Case (Para), Inside the Lines (Radio), Just Imagine (Fox), The Unholy Garden (U.A.),Delicious (Fox), The Yellow Passport (Fox), Divine Love (Foy), Midnight Patrol (Mono), Sinister Hands (Willis Kent), The Death Ray (Pathe), Drifting Souls (Tower), Monster Walks (Like), Beauty Parlour (Chesterfield), Revolt (Warner), The Bullet Trail (Col).

AULT, Marie. B. Wigan, Sept, 2, 1870.

Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in.

Ed. Wigan ; Southport. M. James

Alexander Paterson.

Stage debut, Lincoln, 1891. Many years experience of theatricals followed in London and America. One of her earliest films was Class and No Class (Gau-Brit).

Also Played in : Wee McGregor’s

Sweetheart (Welsh-Pearson), A Prince of Lovers (Welsh-Pearson), Every Mother's Son (Britannia), Paddy the Nest Best Thing (Wilcox), Woman to Woman (Cutts), Monkey’s Paw (Artistic), Starlit Garden (G. Glark), The Colleen Bawn (Stoll), The Rat (Gains), Roses of Picardy (Gau), Hindle Wakes (Gau), Madamoiselle from Armentieres (Gau), The Triumph of the Rat (Gains.), The Lodger (Gains), The Silver Lining (B.I.P.), Kitty (Burlington), Return of the Rat (Gains), Third Time Lucky (Gains), Dawn (Wilcox), Madame Pompadour (B.I.P.), Contraband Love (Para-Brit), Peace and Quiet (Fox-Brit), Hobson's Choice (B.I.P.).

AUSTIN. William. B. Georgetown,

British Guiana. Brown hair, blue eyes.

Ht. 6 ft. 1 in. Wt. 12 st. 2 lb. Ed.

Reading. M. Dora Mae Howe, 1929.

Made his stage debut in America, playing important parts in such plays as Tailor Made Man and Three Faces East. Film debut followed some years later, one of his earliest films being Ruggles of Red Gap (Para, 1923).

Also Played in : It (Para), The World At Her Feet (Para), Swim, Girl, Swim (Para), Flaming Forest (M.G.M.), Her Big Night (Univ). What Happened, to Jones

(Univ), Honeymoon Hate (Para), The Fifty-Fifty Girl (Para), Red Hair (Para), Someone to Love (Para), Just Married (Para), Illusion (Para), The Mysterious Dr. Fa Mancha (Para), Sweetie (Para), What a Night (Para), The Marriage Playground (Para), Paramount on Parade (Para), Return of Dr. Fu Mancha (Para), Let’s Go Native (Para), Flirting Widow (F.N.), Embarrassing Moments (F.N.), Along Came Youth (Para), Tailor-made Man (M.G.M.), Corsair (Col), High Society (Warner).

AYRES, Lew. B. Minneapolis, Minn. Dec. 28, 1908. Dark brown hair,

brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 11 st. 6 lb. Ed. Lake Harriett High School, Minneapolis ; University of Arizona. M. Lola Lane, December, 1931.

On leaving school decided to try a musical career. This carried him on the stage with Henry Halstead’s Orchestra, and later to Ray West’s Cocoanut Grove Orchestra at Los Angeles. He plays the banjo, guitar and piano. While in Hollywood his thoughts turned to acting. This led to a small part in the cast of Compromised (Pathe). His company were so delighted with the result that a six-months’ contract ensued.

Also Played In : All Quiet on the Western Front (Univ), The Kiss (M.G.M.), The Iron Man (Univ), A Handful of Clouds (Warner), Up for Murder (Univ), Heaven on Earth (Univ), Common Clay (Fox), Impatient Maiden (Univ), Vigour of Youth (Univ), Night World (Univ), Shanghai Interlude (Univ), Flight Commander (Univ), Men Without Fear (Univ), Air Mail (Univ), Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood (Univ), Red Knight (Univ), Penalty of Fame (Univ).

AYRTON, Randle. B. Chester, Aug. 9, 1S69. Ed. King’s School, Chester; Geneva University.

Stage debut at the old Avenue Theatre under the management of George Alexander, 1890. Began his film career with the old London Film Company in 1913. Lias also produced several early films in Britain, including His House in Order


Also Played in : Two Worlds (B.I.P.), The Great Game (Gau), Dreyfus (B.I.P.), The Third Gun (Univ), Chit Chin Chow (Wilcox), Southern Love (Wilcox), Decameron Nights (Wilcox), Nell Gwyn (Para-Brit), The Little People (Welsh-Pearson), Passion Island (F.N.), One of the Best (Gains), Glorious Youth (F.N.), The Manxman (В.I.P.), High Seas (B.I.P.).

Biographies of the Players (BAG-BAN)

BACLANOVA, Olga. B. Moscow, Russia. Blonde hair, blue eyes. lit. 5 ft. 4 in. Wt. S st. 4 lb. Ed. Cherni-avsky Institute, Moscow. M. (i) Vladimir Zoppi; div. 1929 ; (2) Nicholas Soussamin, 1929.

When sixteen years of age entered the Moscow Art Theatre, later going to America with Morris Gest’s production of Carmencila and the Soldier in 1923. The company returned to Russia after eight months but Baclanova remained to play the nun in The Miracle. Was given a small part in The Dove (U.A., 1927) as a test of her screen possibilities, which proved successful. Was then given a prominent part in Street of Sin, (Para, 1927), with Emil Jannings.

Also Played in : Three Sinners (Para), Forgotten Faces (Para), The hi an Who Laughs (Univ), Avalanche (Para), The Wolf of Wall Street (Para), Dangerous Woman (Para), The Man I Love (Para), Cheer Up and Smile (Fox), Downstairs (M.G.M.), Freaks (M.G.M. not shown in Britain).

BACON, Irving. B. St. Joseph, Missouri, Sept. 6, 1893. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 11 st. 1 lb. Ed. Santa Clara College, San Jose Cal.

Entered motion pictures, 1920, following a number of years on the stage, one of his best-known films being Halfway to Heaven (Para, 1929), in which he played the part of " Slim.”

Also Played in : Side Streets (Fox), Street of Chance (Para), Two Sisters (Ray-art), Dane and Arthur Comedy Series (Darmour), This Is The Night (Para), No One Man (Para), Gentleman for a Day (F.N.), Alias The Bad Man (Tiffany), Branded Men (Univ), File No. 113 (Allied), Million Dollar Legs (Para), Central Park (Warner).

BADDELEY, Angela. B. London, July 4, 1904. Light brown hair, grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in. Wt. S st. M. (1) Stephen Kerr Thomas, 1921 ;

1 dau., Jane Shirley Thomas, b. 1924 ; div.; (2) Glen Byam Shaw. 1929 ; son, George Daruth Byam Shaw, b. 1930.

Appeared before the English public for the first time at the Old Vic in Richard III, Nov., 1915. Film debut in ' Britain, one of her earliest films being The Speckled Band (B. & D., 1931).

Also Played in : The Ghost Train

(Gains), Arms and the Man (B.I.P.).

BAKEWELL, William. B. Hollywood, Cal., May 2, 1908. Brown hair, grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 10 st. 4 lb. Ed. Harvard Military Academy. Entered motion pictures without previously having had any theatrical experience. At first was given only crowd work but gradually rose to prominence. One of his early films was The Last Edition (F.B.O., 1925).

Also Played in : Mother (F.B.O.), West Point (M.G.M.), The Battle of the Sexes (U.A.), Annapolis (Pathe), The Iron Mask (U.A.), Hot Stuff (F.N.), Playing Around (F.N.), On With The Show (Warner), The Gold Diggers (Warner), All Quiet on the Western Front (Univ), Lummox (U.A.), Paid (M.G.M.), Reducing (M.G.M.), Great Meadow (M.G.M.), Politics (M.G.M.), The Bat Whispers (U.A.), Cheaters At Play (Fox), The Vigour of Youth (Univ), While Paris Sleeps (Fox), Back Street (Univ), Dance, Fools, Dance (M.G.M.), Woman of Experience (Radio), Daybreak (M.G.M.), Guilty Hands (M.G.M.).

BALFOUR, Betty. B. March 27, 1903. Golden hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 3 in. Stage debut when eleven years of age at the Empire Theatre, Wood Green, London. Six years later entered motion pictures in Britain with a principal part in Nothing Else Matters (Welsh-Pearson, 1921)

Also Played in : Squibs Series (Welsh-Pearson), Love, Life, and Laughter (Welsh-Pearson), Reveille (Welsh-Pearson), Blink-eyes (Welsh-Pearson), Somebody's Darling (Gains), Little Devil-may-Care (Gains), Mary Find the Gold (Welsh-Pearson), Mord Emly (Welsh-Pearson), ]Vee McGregor’s Sweetheart (Welsh-Pearson), Satan’s Sister (Welsh-Pearson), Monte Carlo (Gains), Little Bit of Fluff (B.I.P.), Champagne (B.I.P.), Paradise (B.I.P), Daughter of the Regiment (B.I.P.), Bright Eyes (B.I.P.), The Nipper (Betty Balfour Pictures), Paddy the Next Best Thing (Wilcox), Raise the i?oo/(B.I.P.), The Vagabond Queen (B.I.P.) The Brat (B.I.P.). '•

BANCROFT, George. B. Philadelphia, Pa. Sept. 30, 1882, Brown hair,

blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 2 in. Wt. 13 st. 13 lb. Ed. Tome’s Institute: United States Naval Academy. M, Octavia Brooke, 1913 ; one daughter. Georgette.

During his early days as a sailor, George Bancroft staged plays on board, where he received so much encouragement that eventually, on giving up the sea, he started on a theatrical career as a

(BAN-BAR) Biographies of the Players

black-faced song and dance comedian. Was later claimed by drama for which he showed great aptitude. His very first picture Driven attracted the attention of James Cruze who was so impressed by his talent that he cast him in The Pony Express (Para, 1925). This eventually led to a long contract with Paramount.

Also Played In : The Code of the

West (Para), The Show Down (Para), The Drag Net (Para), Docks of New York (Para), The I Volf of Wall Street (Para), The Mighty (Para), Thunderbolt (Para), Ladies Love Brutes (Para), Derelict (Para), Scandal Sheet (Para), Paramount on Parade (Para), Rich Man’s Folly (Para), Sons of ike Sea (Para), Paying the Penalty (Para), The World and the Flesh (Para), Lady and Gent (Para), The Enchanted Hill (Para), Sea Horses (Para), The Runaway (Para), The Trumpet Call (Para).

BANKHEAD, Tallulah. B. Hunt-ville, Alabama, Jan. 31, 1902. Fair hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 3 in. Ed. Mary Baldwin’s School, Staunton, Virginia ; Convent of The Holy Cross, Washington, D.C. ; Fairmount School for Girls, Washington.

Made her stage debut at the age of 16. A year later played Rose de Brissac in Foot Loose at the old Greenwich Village Theatre. Made her first appearance in London at Wyndham’s Theatre in 1923. While in London appeared in two British films A Woman's Law and His House in Order (Gau-Brit). Was signed on a long-term contract by Paramount in 1931.

Also Played In : Tarnished Lady

(Para), My Sin (Para), Thunder Below (Para), The Devil and the Deep (Para), The Cheat (Para), Tinfoil (M.G.M.).

BANKS, Leslie. B. West Derby, Liverpool, June 9, 1S90. Dark hair. Ed. Trinity College, Glenalmond ; Iveble College, Oxford. M. Gwendoline Haldane Unwin.

Made his first stage appearance at Brechin in The Merchant of Venice, 1911. Served with the Essex Regiment during the war, and after the Armistice reappeared in London at the Lyric, Hammersmith. Went to America in 1924, appearing in New York for the first time as Captain Hook in Peter Pan.

Played in : illost Dangerous Game (Radio).

RANKS, Monty. Actor and director. 'See Directors’ Biographies.)

BANKY, Vilma. B. Budapest, Hungary, Jan. 9, 1903. Blonde hair, blue-grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Wt. 8 st. 13 lb. Ed. Zugloi High School; Zugloi College. M. Rod la Rocque, June 26. 1927.

Was playing in Hungary when Samuel Goldwyn, on a European tour, saw her and signed her up on a long-term contract. Her first American picture was The Dark Angel (F.N., 1925).

Also Played In : Son of the Sheik (U.A.), The Eagle, with Rudolph Valentino (U.A.), The Winning of Barbara Worth (U.A.), The Night of Love (U.A.), The Magic Flame (U.A.), Two Lovers (U.A.), The Awakening (U.A.), This is Heaven (U.A.), A Lady to Love (M.G.M.),

BANNERMAN, Margaret. B. Toronto, Canada, Dec. 15, 1896. Fair hair, blue eyes. Ed. Convent of Mount St. Vincent, Halifax, Novia Scotia. M. (1) Pat Somerset ; dissolved ; (2)

Anthony Prinsep.

Stage debut, Tina, 1915. Talkie debut, Two While Arms (Eric Hakim, 1932).

Also Played in : Lily Christine


BANNISTER, Harry. B. Holland, Mich. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 1 in. Ed. University of Michigan. M. Ann Harding; div. 1932 ; one dau., Jane.

Following extensive stage experience throughout most parts of America, made a screen test with his wife for Pa the. Both tests were successful, and they were given principal roles in Her Private Affair (1929).

Also Played in : Suicide Fleet

(Pathe), Husband’s Holiday (Para).

BARBIER, George.

Played in : No One Man (Para),

One Hour with You (Para), Strangers in Love (Para), Playing the Game (Para), Broken Wing (Para), Strange Case of Clara Deane (Para), The Hours Between (Para), Million Dollar Legs (Para), Skyscraper Souls (M.G.M.), Phantom President (Para), Evenings for Sale (Para).

BARING, Norah. B. Devon, 1907. Dark hair, dark eyes. Married; 1 child. First became known for her work on the stage, one of her earliest parts being in A Kiss for Cinderella, the play by Sir James Barrie.

Although she was later to achieve

Biographies of the Players (BAR)

prominence in British film productions it was in Germany that she made her screen debut, with a part in Parisienne.

Also Played in : The Celestial City

(B.I.F.), Shooting Stars (B.I.F.), Underground (B.I.F)., At the Villa Rose (Twickenham', A Cottage on Dartmoor (B.I.F.), Two Worlds (В.1.Р.), Murder (B.I.P.), Lyons Mail (Twickenham), Should a Doctor Tell ? (B.L.).

BARNES, Binnie. Real name Gertrude Maude Barnes. B. London, March 25, 1906. Red hair, dark eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Ed. London and Paris. M. Sam Joseph, 1932.

After an eventful career, during which she worked variously as kennel-maid, milk-maid, nurse, chorus girl, and dance hostess, she made her stage debut in Chariot's 1928 Revue. Screen debut with Gainsborough in 1929, in three shorts. It was not until 1931 that she had her first prominent part in Night in Montmartre (Gains). Has continued her work on the stage, despite the tremendous amount of time she has to devote to the studios. Left for America at the conclusion of Cavalcade, in which she sang the “ Twentieth Century Blues.”

Also Played in : Murder at Covent Garden (Twickenham), Innocents of Chicago (B.I.P.), Dr. Josser, K.C. (B.I.P.), Out of the Blue (B.I.P.), Strip Strip Hooray (B.I.P.), Love Lies (B.I.P.), Partners, Please (P.D.C.), Old Spanish Customers (B.I.P.), The Last Coupon (B.I.P.).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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